Day in the Life Vlog: January 21 & 22, 2015 | Louisiana Bound |

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy Saturday friends! I have a million errands I should be running but here I am at the middle of the afternoon. Hopefully, I will get out the door in just a bit but I thought I would share our latest vlog first. Before you start watching some of our crazy life, I wanted to clear a few things up. 

  • Going through this very difficult time with our son has been complicated. We have never ever had a child in the system like this and we don't know the rules. No one has given us a handbook or guide on what is and is not allowed. 
  • Scott and I both have leaned on our family, friends and support system we have to help us navigate through this. YOUR comments, emails, advice, concerns, prayers, thoughts have helped us more than you will ever know. 
  • When we arrive at the hotel and Scott wants to flop on the couch and watch tv, I tell him no. Jackson was sleeping on the couch and wanted to lay down so I thought he should watch tv in the bed. No big deal expect for those who make it one. 
  • My relationship with my husband is in very good shape. We had a lot of time together before the kids and we have been together for 11 years. We are both here because we want to be. I think we both would say that our marriage is as strong as ever right now. 
  • When you see Scott ironing in his boxers, don't have a heart attack. Gosh.. I wore boxers as shorts in 20's... it's not a big deal. They look like plaid shorts. The things people complain about. Oh.. and I did offer to iron his clothes too. He just likes to do it a certain way. 
  • Another thing that has been said is I made him drive all the way so I could sleep. He drove because he wanted to drive. Seriously people...if you actually knew my husband, you would know that he does what he wants. He was awake and had no problems driving. I offered a 100 times. 
  • I thought my court room attire was just fine for court. I was comfortable and wasn't trying to make a big show. Scott thought I looked fine too. I was not testifying or anything. Gosh.. some people should just move in and be my dressers. Yea.. the job is open...but you have to do the ironing too! 
  • For all those who want to know what that red string is around my wrist for - here you go →
  • I am sorry I said I am not a fan of Louisiana. I wasn't trying to insult everyone who lives there. I just have not really enjoyed myself there much and I am not a huge fan of the food or music. But I am sure there are many things I just don't know about that are great. Sorry.. totally didn't mean to offend anyone with that statement. You know some people don't like northern states because they are cold or New York because the people are mainly moody. Again... it's not a big deal. 
  • We are not suppose to talk about our son any longer on social media. Again, we didn't know the rules. So this is the last update on that situation. If you have a question you can email me but it can't just be public. 
  • I was asked numerous times how Scott feels about the camera. Well he has made many of his own videos. He has done reviews, recipes, vlogs, on his own. He is not a shy person and most of the time he doesn't mind. We even have 2 videos together coming up soon, plus the vlogs. He really doesn't care. 
  • For those of you wondering about the kids. Here's the breakdown. I had 3 before I met Scott. One with my high school sweetheart whom I am still friends with from this day. He lives with his grandparents. And then I got married and had 2 children with my then husband. We have let the kids pick where they want to live. My daughter lives with her dad because she loves her school, friends, and is in cheer-leading while Jackson lives with me. But that can switch at any time. Again, its up to them for the most part. Scott got married and had a daughter. She is 25 now and lives in Indiana with her husband and 3 children. And then he got married again and had another child who is 12 years old now who lives in Louisiana with his mother. We have no kids together. But we have blended them together and now we have the most beautiful family ever. Hope that clears it up for you. 

For some reason this video has received a lot of views and negativity. If you don't see your comment, its because it was rude and could do no good in any way. I am all for constructive criticism but some of the comments were not constructive at all. We have worked hard to keep our marriage together and blend our families together. We are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but we love each other and we love our kids. Hopefully I have cleared a few things up now... and you can go on and enjoy the vlog! 

Thanks so much for watching. I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. I seriously need to get out and go run some that's what I just might do! However, it's super windy here so I am in no hurry to get out there in that cold weather. And I bet the stores are crazy today. I am going to try to find my motivation and just do it! 

Normally, I don't reply to mean/rude comments. For the most part, you guys have been nothing but caring and supportive but there are ones who do not agree. While that is their right, I wanted to clear it up myself... in my own words. I don't know why we have to judge people so much. Scott and I are just a couple trying to find our way through this life together. It is far from easy but we are dedicated to each other and our family. No matter how many parenting books or marriage books we read, the real lessons come from experience. So I hope you continue to go on this journey with us for as long as we keep sharing. I have been so inspired and touched by the kindness from my subscribers. But there will always be a few bad apples. Maybe now, their questions/comments are answered my way. I am not going to fight through the comments and I am not going to make a separate video addressing them because they don't deserve my time like that. But hopefully this blog post clears things up for them or anyone else with the same thoughts. 

I should be back later this evening with a new haul video....stay tuned!