Day in the Life Vlog January 19 & 20, 2015 | Travel Preparations |

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good morning friends. I hope you are waking up and getting a good start to your day. I am not up by choice...God knows that but never the less, I am out of bed. We leave in just a little while to head south for the court hearing over one of our children. It's not going to be a fun time by any stretch of the imagination but we are the adults and have to lead the way. We love all our children and have to be there to support them in good times and bad. I have been working super hard to get us all packed and ready to go. I think I have everything together.... I think! I am sharing a vlog today because there was a lot of footage and it works out better to share more vlogs instead of super long ones.

If you want to see how the past couple of days have gone, enjoy the video.

Our friendly housesitter will here soon and we have to pack up the car and get going. I have pre recorded some videos that should be popping up, along with some blog posts while were away... so check back often! Also feel free to follow me on instagram if you want to keep up with us while we are away. ♥ If you are new here, I'd love it if you used the button below to subscribe so you don't miss any new videos!