Catching Up & DITL Vlog: Your my Village January 8, 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015
Hello everyone. I hope you are having a great Saturday. My day started around 9am and by 10am I was wondering the isles of Walmart. Last night my laptop charger started sparking and smoking....yea, not good. So I got a new one today and picked up Jackson a hard Lego kit and now we are both doing what we want and kinda having a lazy Saturday. 

Things have been pretty stressful for us because of Zane. We got some bad news on Thursday which still heavy on our hearts and in our heads. I planned on sharing Thursdays vlog on Monday.. with the other DITL footage but it was too long for that. So now it's in it's own vlog. Here's how Thursday went. 

I was fine at the start of the day but getting that news while I was shopping changed everything. I kinda was shock all night long over it. I just wanted to distance myself as far away from it as possible. My heart can't take being broke over and over. All night I was flipping out. I barely slept and I prayed. Friday I realized that I cannot be afraid of getting hurt. I have to think about him and not myself. Most of yesterday I was convinced that I even needed to go to the hearing. But I am going. He needs to see both of us there. 

I am still kinda upset but it's out my control. I think that's the most sicking part. I also think his mom should be in jail for what has happened to those kids. That's a whole other story that I shouldn't go into here but its about as messed up as it could be. 

Also yesterday I stayed so busy. I ran all all over and didn't have much extra time. It was good to keep busy. It helped clear my head a little and did me well. But being gone all day kinda made me run behind on other things Here's some of my weekend to do's: 

  • Get double daily challenge up. Yesterday I was super busy and I didn't have a chance to get a #kjdailychallenge up on instagram so we are going to make up for it today. 
  • Work on home keeping book. It's kinda my new obsession. And I also need to get to the new way I am using my planners. 
  • Bring in more firewood. We had a bunch dropped off last night. I pray it really helps keep the bills down. 
  • Toss laundry. I seem to do it all the time and never feel caught up! 
  • Find something to eat. My stomach is growling. 
  • Get steaks thawed out for dinner. Steak sandwiches and fries for dinner tonight. 
  • Answer youtube comments. 
  • Get some more holiday cards replied to. I still have a bunch to do and want to finish them all up this week. Gotta get busy! I loved your cards so much. Thank you if you sent one in. 
  • Pray more. I thought I was praying enough but now I'm not so sure. 
  • Seriously need to clean up the DVR's today. Most of them are full and soon things will be deleted that we don't want to see go. Gotta get rid of all the weekly shows. 
  • Spend time with Jackson doing something special. I am thinking of going and painting ceramics again. :) Sounds fun. 
  • Get chalkboard wall updated by Monday. 
  • Do some food prep for the upcoming week. 
  • Get back on routine. Isn't it crazy how just one unexpected thing can throw everything off. 
  • Try to drink more water. 
  • Re organize frig. Its super full and not really working for me right now. I can't find anything. 
  • Change air filters on both floors. 
  • Get a jump start on next weeks videos and blog posts.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend. It another cold day and I have had a fire going since morning. It's technically a little warmer but I am still freezing. I don't even want to open the blinds or curtains in fear of it getting colder. Tonight is just a night in. Nothing exciting but I don't mind. Scott will home in a couple of hours which is good... I'm kinda missing him right now. He's had a super busy day so we haven't had a lot of time to chat on the phone. Im sorry that this post didn't go live yesterday. The charger blowing up kinda changed the plans around. I will be back a little later this evening with a large haul. xx