Where did Today Go!? Vlogidays December 4, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Hello friends. I hope you have a great evening. Its been a day of online catch up!  I am back with Vlogidays...where I vlog everyday from now until New Years. For over 6 months, I vlogged every day last year and while that was fun, I grew tired of sharing so much. From that point I just continued to vlog a little each week and combined them in a Week in Review. However, we are starting a new season, and Vlogidays are here! These videos were suppose to go up on my main vlogging channel but I have been having so much trouble with that channel that they are all going up on my main youtube channel. From now until the end of December, I will probably be posting double videos. There is no other way, except starting a new channel and I don't see the point in that. Most of my subscribers are on my main channel anyway so it only makes sense. Also these videos are going to go live a day after just to give me time to edit.

Here's how yesterday went: 

Thanks so much for watching. Did time move fast on you yesterday too? It's a cold wet day here so I am using my coffee table as my desk today....catching up and staying cozy by the fire. I should be back with a couple more posts including Friday Letters in just a bit! Stay tuned.