Vlogidays: Day in the Life Vlogs: December 19, 20, 21, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. I have been running around like an insane person today trying to finish up some last minute Christmas errands. Sorry that these days are grouped together. You can always subscribe to me on youtube and see the videos live instead of waiting on them to pop up on here. I am just super busy and sadly this is one of the areas of my life suffering 

On Friday, I got busy doing things around the house. I am trying my best to stick to a schedule and make the holidays as easy as possible. Here's a look into that day:

At the end of the day... I felt very productive and accomplished. Sorta like a Good Wife!

It was hard to start my Saturday. The weather was gloomy and I had zero motivation. I tried..I really did but it took till afternoon for me to get my motivation. :) I went out ran some errands and ended up getting a new coat and scarf. I sure need it for the temperatures up north. 

We ended the night with a tour of some festive holiday lights that we all enjoyed! 

Yesterday it was a total slow start for me. The boys went out to Panter game and I had the entire house to myself. I decided if the boys were out doing what they wanted, I could be home doing what I wanted for a while. So I seriously laid around and watched tv for a long while.

I was lazy to start off with but I got busy in the afternoon and evening just doing housewife stuff. Nothing too enjoyable but all things that had to be done. I did my new bread maker to use twice. The first loaf didn't come out too even but the second loaf did. :)

Last minute to do's before leaving

  • Actually start packing. We are leaving some time tomorrow night. 
  • Do a quick clean of the frig. 
  • Run by store for more wrapping paper. 
  • Cut fudge and put it in containers. 
  • Finish bringing gifts to first floor to be packed in the car. 
  • Get Brittany's Myrtle Beach Shirt out so I can finally give it to her. 
  • Call Cracker Barrel and confirm dinner. 
  • Check in on Laura. 
  • Buy my exhusband a calendar to keep up with the schedule. He is seriously driving me crazy right now. 
  • Bath Romeo because you know he has to look his best. ;)
  • Make Jackson a to do list. I am totally putting his butt to work tomorrow. 
  • Make another to do list of things to do right before leaving. Lists help.
  • Don't forget to pack flat iron! 
  • Write notes for housesitter. 
  • Really clean up the DVRs since we are leaving. 
  • Dont forget wine for the trip. 
  • Get flatware that I am taking for Shanna. She has a utensil ghost that just keeps taking hers! Lucky for both of us that I have a TON. 
  • Fold Laundry....tonight. 
  • Try to get to bed at a decent time. 

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and visiting. I hope you are moving right along with all your holiday preparations. I think it is a busy time for everyone! I'll try to get back tomorrow and post today's vlog. xx