♥ Thankful Thursday

Thursday, November 6, 2014
Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday. I am back with what I am thankful for this week. Just because I share them in a blog, doesn't mean you have to. Just find a journal and start counting your blessings and never let a day pass without finding something to be grateful for. I find this is always great to do to keep yourself grounded. Here's this weeks list. 

♥ I am thankful that just for a little while the sun came out and warmed things up around here. But its back cold again. It for sure sweater weather. 

♥ I am thankful that Scott actually had off days this week which allowed us to spend a little more time together. 

♥ I am thankful that my oldest son who is playing a mute right now hung on the phone for 15 minutes the other night rambling on. He just needs a little more courage. But I am thankful that he is reaching out in his own way. 

♥ I am thankful that I got a ton of things done today. I woke up feeling good which motivated me to get a lot done. I feel not only good but productive today. ;)

♥ I am thankful that for the first time ever, Jackson seems to be trying to do better in school. Super proud of him. 

♥ I am thankful for another youtube friend guided me in the direction of the etsy shop for a new Erin Condren planner stamp! Yea! I just ordered it. 

♥ I am thankful tonights dinner is going to be super easy. Baked ravioli and salad....big tv night and I don't plan on spending much time in the kitchen. 

♥ I am thankful for beautiful nights. We have to deal with it getting dark sooner but the sweet smell of the candles around the house on these cold nights make the house so beautiful. Same with the fireplace. Totally thankful for the fireplace. 

♥ I am thankful that so many of you guys have been stopping by from youtube. There is so much here that is not there sooooooo.....stick around and have a look at some older post! Thank you guys! 

♥ I am thankful the cute witch that was hanging on the door is down. The shadows from that thing would freak me out night after night. She's safely sleeping in the rubbermaid box in the garage for another year. 

♥ I am thankful for a bed that feels like a cloud every night. I don't know if its I that tired when I finally crawl into it or all the comfy bedding and such but it feels so soft....no wonder I want to sleep all the time!

♥ I am thankful that our dog seems to be feeling better. With his new all natural diet and meds, he has been seizure free for a while now. 

♥ I am thankful that its just a few more hours before Scott gets home. Nights like this suck. 8-8 and then a 15 minute drive home. Yea it sucks....and I am so ready for him to come home. Just his very presence brings out an insane energy with the animals and Jackson! 

♥ I am thankful for good coffee. When I do crawl out of that cloud, I head straight to the coffee pot and my first warming cup is amazing. Speaking of drinks... I am thankful for good wine too! 

♥ I am thankful to all the strong women in my life. They help me so much in so many ways. It really does take a village to raise a child and I need all the help I can get. And you guys too, have helped me in so many situations and I truly appreciate it. 

♥ I am thankful for all the work our oven has been doing this past week. I love using the oven in the cooler months to cook because it helps warm the house up at the same time. Totally love anything that keeps our house warm without a huge electric bill. 

♥ I am thankful that after all these years my ex husband and I are starting to see things from a different point of view. Now its just about doing right for the kids. We will still butt heads from time to time but him maturing has sure helped things. 

♥ I am thankful being blessed. I don't always feel it but over all I have a great family, beautiful kids, loyal friends, a warm home with food to fill our souls, and so much more. I have to remember the good when things are hard. Over all I am a very blessed woman. I hope you have a great night!