Organizational Overhaul - Kitchen Island - Video & Corresponding Blog Post

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. I am back with a pretty quick organizational overhaul of the kitchen island. My little Jackson normally puts away the dishes without a care in the world about where they go or if things stay organzied. He kinda has the throw it in attitude just tossing things everywhere. With the holidays fast approaching, I will be in the kitchen a lot and really wanted this area organized......again. Hope you enjoy the video and maybe find some inspiration to tackle one of the problem areas in your home too! More pictures and info below. 

So as I mentioned little Jackson just does not care where he puts anything just as long as he can get the dishwasher emptied as fast as possible. It seriously drives me nuts and what's even more crazier I pay him for this little job in his allowance. I think its time I start charging him back allowance money when he just tosses things in drawers and cabinets and not where they actually belong. I found 2 sharpies and even a highlighter in these drawers and I know for sure, they don't live there. :) We have desks for those items. Anyway, it was driving me nuts to have to sort through the messy drawer and its my stuff so I got busy. 

Again.. I was shocked at how bad the drawers actually were. As I sorted through things I decided what I would keep, what I would store and what I would toss. It didn't take long to figure out what I really needed to organize and I got with it. 

And here's the after picture...

Sure its still not as organized as I would like but its so much better than what it was. It didn't take long either....less than 30 minutes and now the drawers will actually open. I can find everything I need super fast and now it should be easier for Jackson to figure out. As I said in the video, I might just take a picture of how they are, post inside a cabinet just so he knows where things go. And charge him back for everything not returned in place. Who knows.. maybe then he will respect my kitchenware more. And you guys should see the bottom cabinets...more mini organization jobs await! For quick organization here's a couple of my tips. 
  • Start out small. Don't tackle a place to organize that is going to take you all day. Those are weekend projects. 
  • When decluttering and organizing any area, pull everything out... give it a good cleaning and then put it back. While doing this sort through the items to figure out what to keep, toss , or store. 
  • Put things back in a way that keeps items separated and neat. Use containers you already have or make a quick trip to the Dollar Tree for organizational items. 
  • Keep items you use the most to the front. 
  • Again... if you have kids or a big family, you might want to take a picture of the organized area... print out a picture and put it somewhere close where they can see it. 
  • Don't get distracted. Stick with the one area you are organizing and don't wander off. 
These simple tips make organizing any area faster and easier. The problem for us though, is keeping it organized. Like I said, I am going to start doing chargebacks on little Jackson if he can't keep it together! 

Hope you enjoyed this video and blog post. Let me know what areas in your house you need to do a organizational overhaul on! I plan on sharing more videos like the one above in the coming weeks since so many of you guys seem to enjoy it!