Laundry Care Series: Laundry Room Tour Video w/ Dollar Tree Organization Ideas!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hello friends, I hope you are having a great day. For a while now I have wanted to start a laundry care series because I feel like I have a lot to share regarding all things laundry. Even my husband Scott is going to be doing a couple videos for this series too! I have already done some laundry care videos ( which are included below ) but I really wanted to formally start this off with a simple Laundry room tour. I am also showing other laundry areas on the second floor as well. In a lot of the areas I am going to show you, you will see simple Dollar Tree Organization, simple ideas, and a few cheap laundry room decor that just makes it a little funner to be in there. I be honest, I do much care for doing laundry! But its a required job in our I think you should make the space your own suitable for your own family. Here's the video... more pictures and info below! :)

I have a rather small little laundry room located on the 2nd floor. When we first moved into this house, I thought I would hate having the washer on the 2nd floor. However, it has proved to be very handy having it on the same floor as the bedrooms. Being we don't have a ton of room in the laundry room, I use a couple other areas upstairs too.

First this closet. We used this for a linen closet for a year but I moved all those items into the spare bedroom and started using this closet for extra storage.

On the top shelf I keep extra products such as bleach, laundry soap, toilet paper, my homemade laundry soap and even a couple of beach towels for easy access. 

The on the next shelf down I have a lot of cleaning products I use just on the 2nd floor. I hate carrying cleaning supplies floor to floor. So this area hold my handy caddy, extra cleaning supplies in the round basket, I have a basket of rags I use to clean with, along with some extra light bulbs and such. 

On the next shelf down I have some green bin from the Dollar Tree. The little green bins hold samples particularly for the boys along with extras for their bathroom. Extra little cups, soap, etc. Its just easier to store those items in this closet than the boys small bathroom. I keep extra bathroom rugs and towels for the animals also on this shelf. 

On the next shelf down, you will see more baskets from the Dollar Tree. I have one basket for the different pet care items, then our lanterns live on this shelf. If something happens and we loose electricity when we are on the 2nd floor, you can barely see your hand in front of your face. So we like these to be easy to accessible because it's happened before. Then to the right we have more Dollar Tree bins that hold garbage bags for the 2nd floor, other random items along with another bin for little hand tools that live upstairs too. Its so much easier having items upstairs and downstairs so we are not constantly running up and down the stairs. 

Since our hanging rack is not so convenient and too low to actually hang clothes on I use this simple hanger that I found at my local Walmart. It lives right outside the laundry room door and works great to help clothes dry or keep from wrinkling up before I have a chance to put them away. 

I also have a laundry sorter right out in the hallway by the laundry room that we all use. This is such a great way to have your family sort the laundry for you as it comes in. I had to add a few little signs to remind them what goes in what because Jackson was forgetting. He wanted to put all the whites together and not sort the white clothes and white towels. :)

Then moving on into the laundry room itself. 

As I said.. our laundry room is not big. Its on the 2nd floor which is nice because the bedrooms are all upstairs. But there is not a lot of space in there and which is why I use the other areas. However, I do pack a lot in this little room. The shelf above the washer and dryer was already there when we moved in. But its too low to hang clothes on. On top of it, I have a bunch of storage bins from the Dollar Tree that hold random laundry items that we use and extras. I use the hanging area for spare hangers and clothes pins that hold my delicates to dry. If I was to hang clothes up in there, they would cover the washer and dryer.

Beside my washer I have a Martha Stewart stain chart that really helps when I can't figure out how to get a stain out. I also have some different wall hangings... some of which that came from the Dollar Tree! I also use some cute laundry room decals and such just to make the room more fun to use. Since I have to be in there a lot, I want it to be a place I like.

Also we have our ironing board upstairs and a extra basket for clean towels and such. We also have another ironing board downstairs with all the irons because that is where my husband chooses to iron.

So that is my laundry area in a nutshell. I hope it might inspire you to take a look at the area you use and make it more you! I hate doing laundry. The only thing I really like is how good it smells. But staying organized is such a huge deal with keeping up with the laundry in our home. As as you can see the little organizational items from the Dollar Tree work just fine at a fraction of the price. I will be back with many more laundry videos so stay tuned! If you want to see the videos already up in the series... Here you go! 

If you have any laundry care tips that you would want to share....I would love to hear them. Also if you have a laundry room tour that you want to share on there or in the youtube comments, I am sure everyone would love to see it! 

I hope you are staying warm on this very cold day....if your stuck home because of the weather, maybe its a good time to catch up on laundry. :)