Happy Weekend!

Saturday, November 8, 2014
Happy weekend to you all! I hope you are having a great start to your day. Right now the clock just landed on 12pm and I am still trying to figure out all the day has in store for me. I am not really ready to do anything yet but I know there are errands and to do's waiting on me. Since last night I have been doing a Jane Austen marathon of sorts watching the movies from her wonderful books. Even right now I am finishing Sense and Sensibility and then Mansfield park is next! I don't know if I will watch it right away but it's been fun recounting the novels with the movies. I just realized I don't own the Jane Austen small collection of books and I think I am going to have to order a set just to have and read whenever I want. Perfect for the winter days. Today it's still pretty chilly out not even 40 degrees yet. Yea.. I am for sure waiting a little longer to allow it to warm up before I got out and do anything.

My weekend to do's is pretty simple and who knows how much I will actually get done but here it is in case you are interested! :)
  • Finish grocery list and look for coupons before shopping. 
  • Wash doggie slobber off sliding glass doors in the living room. I hate dirty windows! 
  • Toss laundry around all weekend and try to put each load up as  I fold it. Plus match up like a thousand socks. Grrrrrrrrr. I hate matching socks up!
  • Bath all the cats over the weekend. I'm sure they will love that. 
  • Schedule Pedicures for Trina and I when she comes up over the Thanksgiving. I think it might be a great weekend escape while the boys are doing their thing. 
  • Discard of all the rotting pumpkins that we carved. 
  • Clean the dogs bowls. 
  • Update the chalkboard walls and white boards throughout the house. 
  • Go through and make sure all the windows are locked on the first floor after seeing this story recently. 
  • Clean microwave out after Jackson allowed a bowl of Spaghetti O's explode inside. Yea... not so happy about that little job.
  • Get rid of all the planters and such outside for the winter months. No reason to look at empty flower pots. To the garage they go! 
  • Check voicemails.....sorry if you have left a message... I don't normally check them often. Send text or emails instead or better yet.....call back!
  • Update pinterest with new videos and if I have time, make some new pins from older blog posts to share. 
  • Run to the Post Office tomorrow. 
  • Clean out frig. today. Gosh I hate that job. I am sure it will give me a pile full of dishes to be washed and put away....after I remove the science experiments. ;)
  • Read through this article more and take to heart what it says about breaking bad habits. Thanks Kriss for posting it and congratulations on your new house! 
  • Have Jackson bring in more firewood. 
  • Make basil pesto with all the basil growing in the window. 
  • Get packages together to mail. 

Also on my mind lately is my friend who is having to deal with thyroid cancer. We don't know how serious it is yet but I think she is heading to the Cancer Institute of America for treatment. I don't want to say too much because I am sure she hasn't told everyone and its private afterall. I think she might share more on FB and such when she feels the time is right. She is a old dear friend from school, someone I grew up with, someone I truly trust and one of the best people I know. So its hard and its been at the front of my mind for over a week now. I am really worried about her so if you can lift her in your prayers, I am sure she would appreciate it as much as I would. Hopefully I will be able to see her over the holidays when I head to Indiana for Christmas. All I know to do is pray for her and hope like hell the Dr's take very good care of a dear friend who I love. 

Scott won't be home until 7 or 8 tonight which explains my late start to the day. During this blog post alone I have taken 3 calls and made numerous trips to the coffee pot! Plus 4 of little Jackson's friends have showed up to play.  Now its time to plan my grocery trip and get the shopping list done. Not that fun or exciting but totally necessary. I hope you guys have a great day. I will be back later this evening with a new organizational video and tomorrow I will be back with a food haul and prep on Sunday.....stay tuned!