Happy Saturday!

Saturday, November 22, 2014
Happy Saturday to you all! I hope you guys are staying warm today. I feel so lucky because I was finally able to get some much needed sleep last night. I just crawled out of my bed at 11:30 but I probably could have stayed in there all day long. It was warm, cozy, and comfortable. I guess little Jackson felt the same way because he slept in today too! Too bad Scott had to be at work this morning. I guess tomorrow is the day he can sleep in. Most of the time, I don't sleep well most nights and the days I hope to sleep in and get some rest, I always wake up early. So today worked out where I feel asleep and dreamed all through the night and slept in. I feel AMAZING! :) And its cold outside to top it off. So I will probably be staying in a lot today. There is plenty to do around this house to keep me busy. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is this next week. I swear, the older I get the more fast time moves. I seriously can't. I am happy some of our family is coming but that means there are even more things that have to get done before hand. Here's what's bouncing around in my head on this cozy Saturday afternoon. 

♥  I didn't do the dishes last night because I didn't cook. However, leftovers can bring lots of dishes too and they are in fact, in the sink waiting on me......and they will have to wait a bit longer but I will get to them in a while. 

♥  I am looking for a new pillow case just for our cat Gabby. She sleeps on a fluffy pillow all the time like she is a Queen or something so I think I am going to have a speciality pillowcase made for her. I can cross stitch so maybe I can try to do it myself. Idk... but want to get her one. 

♥  Scott made the coffee this morning. If it was any stronger, it would walk out the front door. I had to empty 1/2 the pot and filled it up with hot water. It's better now but I am sure after a couple of cups, I will have one hell of a caffeine high. :) → And Scott, use 1/2 the coffee next time! 

♥  My mom told me today that she is sending me something that should make my trip up north easier. I asked her if it was holy water because I feel like I am entering the gates of hell when I am in Indiana in the winter. I hate it but this year, we are spending Christmas with the kids up there so I need all the help I can get. Thanks mom for whatever it is! ♥

♥  I need to pick up cards for who is not going to be here Thanksgiving and get them sent out asap on Monday... or even today if I can get it done fast enough.... nope! It will have to wait till Monday. 

♥  Jackson is being so quiet it's like I am here alone. I can't get him to go outside much...he likes video games, you know killing the " bad guys ", and he's just quiet. I wish he would get out and make more friends. But I guess that will happen in his own time. 

♥  I should be up making a video for tomorrow. It's a new giveaway so come back and get entered tomorrow afternoon! Like I said... I still have to film it. And clearly I am running behind! 

♥  I worked a lot on some new video titles and end slates last night. I am forcing myself to learn a new video editing software and it gave me good practice. 

♥  I watched Frozen last night. I didn't know what all the hype was about so I watched it. It was totally cute and I see why so many people like it! 

♥  I am starting to work on my Thanksgiving menu. I am not going to have a huge dinner because I think its only going to be 4 adults and 1 child. So I am not making as much but we are going to have a beautiful dinner. 

♥  Omg.. one of Jackson's friends just showed up. Maybe the universe saw those typed words and helped out! Totally shocked right now. 

♥  Last night I got in my big bathtub.... started a youtube video and in walks Scott. He had already taken 2 showers but got in and proceeded to:
  • Complain that the water was too hot. 
  • Complain that the video was too loud. 
  • Thought I was splashing him...yep. I was the one actually taking a bath. 
  • He didn't particularly like having to hand me all my bath products that were located behind him. 
  • He took up a ton of space and freaked out when I turned on the jets. 
  • And fell asleep sitting up. 
I ended up kicking his ass out and finishing my bath in peace. It was nothing romantic. He just invaded the bath which is normally a place of calm and peacefulness but last night he gave me a run for my money. Tonight I am locking both doors! :)

♥  I talked to my uncle today who I think I upset when I told him I hate pitbulls.. because he just got 2 puppies. I won't change my feelings of those seriously being dangerous dogs but that is his choice and I am sure they are cute puppies. I just worry about when they grow up. 

♥  Thank you to everyone who entered the Target Beauty Box Giveaway. I wish I could give everyone a box but I have a ton of giveaways coming up so stay tuned and keep trying!

♥  I have a ton of mail that I want to sort through today or tomorrow. I have a ton of stuff that I need to take to the post office so I am hoping to get to that job sometime this weekend. 

♥  Tomorrow we are having a big family cleaning day, I am actually going to make little list for everyone including myself. I am sure the boys are going to hate it but we have company coming and I need their help. 

♥  Our internet keeps going out and they tell me it's because of the cold weather It totally pisses me off. 

♥  I feel so bad for the outside cats. I don't feed them as much because I know they are eating at tons of different houses and we have 4 of our own cats to feed but it's sad that they are having to deal with the cold weather. 

♥  My little laptop is running kinda slow right now. I am defragging the hard drive so it will perform better. Normally on Saturdays I clean up the computer because I work so much on it. Hopefully it will run like a camp when its finished. 

♥ I have taken 3 phone calls while writing this post... which is the reason its going up in the afternoon! 

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Saturday. I will be back in a bit with video showing some very simple Thanksgiving desserts that any person can make regardless of their experience in the kitchen. So stay tuned and check back later!