Friday Letters

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hello friends! Happy Friday to everyone. ....I am back with this weeks edition of Friday Letters...hope you enjoy!

Dear God,  Thank you for another week here on earth with my family. I used to take this life for granted.. driving around with no seatbelt, making unhealthy decisions day after day but as I get older I become more grateful for each passing day. One day I will leave this earth when you say my time is up... so in the meantime, I am going to hug my kids tighter, smile more and take nothing for granted. And please watch out for my friend.

Dear Kim Kardashian, Is your ass really that important? I really don't get it. Then you put out your entire front where everyone can see. Is nothing sacred anymore?? You are a mother and one day your kids will see those pictures, along with your sex tape and I personally think its awful. We can call it art but we can also call it porn, whorish, and sad. And didn't break the internet.

Dear Brittany Belle, I hope you are enjoying your new Uggs. I love you so much. I can't wait to see you and put my arms around you. Keep doing your best in school even though you don't want to be there. You have years of education left.

Dear Rob O'neill, You are the only reason I tuned into FOX News 2 nights in a row. Your account of killing Osama Bin Laden really was inspirational and I believe you.  Your dad really touched my heart too. Thank you for all you have done for this country....we all thank you. What you and your team did, will never be forgotten.

Dear Neighbor, What were you burying yesterday? I thought for a minute you were planting a tree but instead you buried something. Maybe one of your many outside cats or something...idk but it was entertaining watch you did that hole for hours on end. And...I still hate you looking in our windows which is pushing me in the move away direction.

Dear Scott, I'm sorry that you are working so many hours. Last night you looked super tired and I felt bad for you. The weekend is coming...hang in there. I love you.

Dear Mom, Glad we had the chance to catch up today. We talked forever! I love you.

Dear Friend, I'm not going to put your name on here but I am really worried about you. I am glad you are in Chicago being treated. I wish I could be there with you as support. I would probably just upset you by being so nervous....but you will be fine. All of us are praying for you and I know God wouldn't take one of the best people I know so young. I love you and lift you in my prayers.

Dear Jackson, You have to remember that nothing will be accomplished by losing your temper and getting in a fight. Use your words as power in a good way and not your fists. Seriously.. it will not solve anything. Have empathy and understand that maybe the other kids are going through something hard at home and its just coming out at school. Have patience and above all.. BE KIND.

Dear Coffee, we didn't start the day together in a nice way. Instead, I have spent lots of time cleaning your spilled mess today. You are yummy though.

Dear Laci Renee, I miss you sis. You must have had a busy week because I haven't heard much from you. We are going to have to catch up this weekend!

Dear Kitty Cats, I am so glad that you all had baths yesterday. I know it wasn't a lot of fun but you all look much better now. You don't have to worry about more baths for a month or so. My little system in the bathroom using the hairdryer to heat it for you guys worked so well! It kept you guys warm and no one has the sniffles today!

Dear Jordan, I wish you would start speaking. We have so much to talk about...I hate it always being a one sided conversation. Stop being such a little mute.

Dear Vicki, We are going to miss you over Thanksgiving. I know your mom will really be missing you too. But...we want you to be happy and have a great time down south. Just come back safe and sound.

Dear Cold Weather, I don't like you and I doubt I ever will. No matter how pretty the snow is, nothing shocks my body more than cold shivers. I already hate winter and we are not even fully into it yet.

Dear Trina, Thanks for being a sister in law that I can trust and talk to about anything. I love you and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks! And we can go through all the ipsy bags while you'll here and you and take which ever one you want!

Dear Buddy, Happy happy birthday to you! Give grandma a kiss for me!

Dear Shanna, I bet you are freezing your ass off up north! So sorry... however its cold here too.

Dear Super Cooper, I am so happy you have been feeling better. Now you are totally off the seizure meds, eating a better diet and losing some weight. We want you to be around as long as possible.

Dear Dad, I miss you. I hope you liked the Veterans Post... which was also for you. I will try to find more Westerns to turn on incase you are in fact watching them from the otherside. Last night I went to bed, only to hear the living room tv come on in a very quiet house. Was it you? Maybe I am crazy but I still feel you around. Maybe because I miss you so much.

Dear Day, I don't have a ton of things on my to do list but I do have to get a few things done before I hit the bed tonight.

  • Go to the dollar store..yep, I am not happy about going out in the cold. 
  • Do a quick house pickup
  • Respond to comments on youtube and blog
  • Edit weekend filming today....except for the Dollar Tree haul. 
  • Bring in more firewood. 
  • Toss laundry around. 
  • Cook a easy dinner. 
  • Work on grocery list. 
So I am hoping that I find my energy to tackle you today. I just wish we could stop the sun from setting so early because its harder for me to want to do things when it gets dark! 

Dear Bloggy/Youtube Friends, You guys are so great. I am truly inspired by you guys. I am always so grateful for every comment...message...and mail you send. You guys always make me feel so amazing with your words of encouragement and I am totally grateful. Last night I hit 10k youtube subscribers. WOW. I know thats not huge in terms of YT but I still think that is a lot of people. So thank you...I love you guys. Also I just started a new giveaway on the Target Beauty Box... so get entered by clicking right here! Here's a little late night instagram video for you guys who haven't seen it yet! 

Have a beautiful and blessed Friday!