Freezing My Ass Off....Wednesday Night Thoughts.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Wednesday Friends. Are you freezing your asses off like we are here in South Carolina? I'm tell ya, we are already in winter. Fall was basically one month and here we go. I have been freezing all damn day. The wind here was insane blowing leaves everywhere. I thought I would take a few minutes and say hi and let you know some of the thoughts bouncing around in my head tonight. Wednesday Hodgepodge was cancelled today so this is the perfect night for my random blog post! :)

* Have I mentioned how much I don't like being cold. Shivering makes my muscles tense up and then they hurt....even at 75 in the house, it's just not warm enough for me. I have been using the fireplace as much as possible to keep the electric bill from running right up. They suggest we keep the house at 72 all year around. Yea...I just wanted to tell them to kiss my ass...75 is still too cool in my house. Idk... thank goodness for fires and cozy socks.

* Sorry about the no video today. It took me a bit longer to edit and save one. Its almost an hour long so it won't be up until late tonight. Whatever time it does go live, I am going to publish the blog post. It might go live at midnight but I want the corresponding blog post to be linked in the I am just waiting on the computer and youtube to do it's it thing.

* I am sure tired today. I got up early to have coffee with Scott. He has a new strange schedule that I am not sure of completely but he didn't have to go in until 11 this morning. After he took Jackson to school he woke me up and we got to spend sometime together before he went off to work. I guess we are just trying to get in as much time as possible with all the hours he does work.

* I have a chicken roasting away in the oven and its smelling up the entire house. I am getting hungry!

* The postal system totally upset me off yesterday and today. On their little online tracker it said my package would arrive yesterday and I waited...waited...and waited...Then it shows up today. Total slackers.

* I have stayed up the last 3 nights finishing the book The Lone Survivor. It totally sucks you in and I got through all 500 pages pretty fast. In fact, last night I was reading out loud to Scott for about 2 hours. It seriously out of the Victorian era without the candles. I sat here reading it with BANG BANG...I said loudly. I was reading like I was reading to a group of kids in the library.  I can't imagine what those boys went through and I can't imagine being the one who survived that situation. Either way its awful but such a true testament to the brave men who was trying to take out the leaders after 9/11. I seriously think every American should read the book and see the movie.

* Jackson wants to start taking his showers in the morning before school. Ha! If he thinks he is going to lay down all sweaty and whatever on the clean sheets he is crazy. He is still taking a shower at night and is more than welcome to take one in the morning too.

* Trina is coming down again for Thanksgiving with her husband and maybe her daughter and granddaughter. Totally love that! And we will be seeing them again at Christmas! Yeaaa!

* I can't believe the Democrats tonight. You know why they lost?? They lost because they did not stand with their President and was disgraceful so be it. I think its ridiculous and I think if they would have stood by the good that actually been done since Obama has been the President they would have had a much better chance at winning, Disloyal Idiots. I still want Hillary in.

* I think I finally might have found a new video editing software that will do what I want and won't cost me a fortune. I need to download the trial but I have watched lots of demos and it might just be the one!

* Our big dog Cooper has really been enjoying the cooler weather. I have actually been working him out at night on the treadmill in the garage with the door open. It really has made a difference in how long he can go and how hot he is when he is done.

* I got my target fall beauty boxes in! I got for me and one for a lucky winner! They are now sold out so be sure to come and enter. I think that video and giveaway will go live next week sometime.

* My daughter is not answering her phone. I think she is at Cheer so I am waiting.....its hard to always keep up with her schedule when she is living with her dad. But know, I track her pretty hard! I am sure she will call soon.

* Ha! Scott just walked in the door....glad I was taking a break checking on dinner, looking busy and all! :)

* Jackson is seriously the most energetic loving happy little boy. That doesn't mean he doesn't drive me crazy from time to time but he is always full full of energy. I wish I had some of it myself!

* The cats are smelling the chicken and going nuts. We already ate....sorry...I take breaks in blog posts sometimes but the cats smell dinner and they are acting like little predators.

* My husband and I are still totally into Survivorman! Seriously love him and love that his son is going along now. It's funny because he's a typical bitchy teenager but he's out there doing it! However he just let everyone know that he son has been diagnosed with Leukemia which is really sad but recovery looks good. I hope he comes back on with his dad when he is feeling better. In the mean time get better Logan.

* I have hardly taken any phone calls today. Yea...just not one of those days I want to do a lot of talking but gotta call Shanna later. We can't go too long without knowing what is going on with each other.

* Watching the CMA Awards tonight. Not huge into country music but I always like awards performances...Ariana Grande will be performing so it should be interesting!

* We are thinking about moving. I keep asking myself how soon do I want to pack up this big ass house and move. Do I want to move during the cold? Hell no. So I think we are going to wait for spring. I am so ready to get out of this house. We are going to start looking in the historical section of town at older houses and then we are going to look into country houses. I am so ready. I would leave this house and never look back right now if I could.

* I have a lot to get done should be a busy day if I can get it warm enough in here to do things. I got a stack of laundry waiting on me to fold now that needs to get done before I go to bed. And another in the dryer. I think putting up laundry is the worst. But it has to be done. That will have to wait until tomorrow when everyone is not in bed.

*The neighbors kids were playing out in the yard. They had their labs out and all of them were running around in the yard while the leaves were flying through the air. It looked like a perfect family moment and was sweet to see.

Anyway, I am just checking in and saying hi! Right now youtube says my video will be done shortly so stay tuned for a late night blog post and video! Hope you are doing well and had a beautiful and blessed day.