Day in the Life: Week in Review Vlog & Corresponding Blog Post Nov 17-24, 2014 | Pre Thanksgiving |

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our weekend. I also vlogged a little each day which you can see in the video below. I have been trying to move all my video's to my main channel including the vlogs but for right now I am uploading them to both channels. I think that is the best way to do it right now but eventually they will probably all move to my housewife life main youtube channel. I hope you don't mind but I have been trying to figure out a way to make everyone happy. I don't expect you to watch them twice but now you will be able to find my vlogs on both channels. ↓Here it is↓ Hope you enjoy! 

This Past Week: 

It was a pretty uneventful week.  I sure can't say that is a bad thing because I would rather have a slow easy week opposed to a crazy week. I stuck to my planner as much as possible and through the week, I was able to get things done. Monday night I was a little grumpy and Scott was driving me crazy. We ended up bitching back and forth but the next day I woke up to some amazing chocolate strawberries. That my friends is how an apology is done! :) It was super thoughtful and it started off the day much better than the way it ended the night before. I ran a few errands this week...but not too many. I don't like going out in the cold. Instead I stayed home and baked. Scott had his Thanksgiving at work last Friday so I baked mini pumpkin pies and some Rolo Delights that were a hit at his work. They are super easy to make and if you need to make something for your dinner or a dinner you are going to, check out the recipe! 

As I moved through the week, I worked a lot around the house trying to get it ready for the holidays. I still haven't taken down the pumpkins and fall decor yet. I just don't do Thanksgiving with Christmas trees in the background. Nope. Instead, the day after or during the weekend, I will be making the switch. I have been busy cleaning closets, getting rid of clutter, and taking everything that does not belong on the 1st floor right on upstairs. And its crazy how much stuff we have downstairs that has no business there. Today I am going to focus most of my time on the 2nd floor cleaning and organizing it more. Yesterday I woke up to the rain and went to bed with rain. It cold and wet the entire day. I took the time to do a quick pickup of our pantry while the boys napped and played video games. I am glad I got that job done. I seriously don't know how 3 of us can destroy that little room so fast! I really need to totally reorganize it again but right now its at least picked up enough that I can get through Thanksgiving and hopefully find everything I need. 

The rest of our evening we kept our toes warm by the fireplace, enjoying lots of hot cocoa just enjoying a night in. Once the boys were in bed, I finally finished my cleaning by mopping the kitchen floor. I like to do it while they are sleeping so no one walks on it but that sure doesn't stop the cats. When the light hits the floor a certain way, you can actually see little paw prints. Its funny because my car has the same little paw prints from leaving the garage door open and the strays walking all over hood. I guess paw prints are just part of our life. We love cats and I don't think there is a cat on the planet who can top Romeo. He is just the king of this house and he is so laid back. He's getting huge so he might have to go on a diet like our dog Cooper but he's big and beautiful. 

I seriously want to find a crown to prance around in. Around the first of the year we are having some professional pictures taken of him. The family has agreed that a large picture of Romeo above the fireplace would be perfect. We were going to have a big family picture put up there but they voted for Romeo! He's the Jaggers family mascot. ♥

Here's some things I need to get done this week..

  • Finish cleaning the 2nd floor today. 
  • Start Vlogging Daily for Vlogidays! Stay tuned and if you haven't already, subscribe to our Glam Gossip Vlog Channel so you don't miss any new videos.
  • Clip coupons and work on Thanksgiving grocery list. 
  • Also need to get frig cleaned out before I go shopping.
  • Get boxes together for the Post Office. 
  • Fast clean up of my closet while putting up laundry. 
  • Finally start a new book after Thanksgiving. 
  • Get mail out of the car and sort. 
  • 3pm Video Editing Online class today. I don't particularly enjoy it but I am learning so much. Hopefully you can see how I am starting to add changes to my videos. I still have a long way to go though.
  • Do something kind for someone today. Check out my Sunday Inspiration Blog Post to see what I am talking about. I would love it if you joined up. 
  • Go through emails...tons and tons of emails to respond to. 
  • Pre Record Videos for when we have family here. I think I have 4 to get done before Thursday. I can edit while they are here but I need to film first. 
  •  Paint toe nails or go get a pedicure. One or the other need to happen this week. 
  • Get Cobwebs down today before vacuuming. 
  • Make these adorable Pumpkin Bread Rolls Wednesday.
  • Look for Hotels in Louisville for Christmas. 
  • Order more printer ink. 
  • Clean chalkboards TODAY. And it's a job I don't really enjoy.
  • Change all the bedding. 

Here's some inspiration to take with you this week:

Have a beautiful and blessed week. I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I think everything will go as planned with my normal blog post and videos the entire week. Plus we are starting Vlogidays TODAY....come back!