Travel Tips: Flying Safe & Smart | Video & Corresponding Blog Post |

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hello everyone! Busy posting day huh!? Just trying to catch up this blog with my youtube videos! So tonight's video are some of the tips I have figured out through years of flying to fly safe and smart. You can find even more tips that I left out of the video below. Hope you enjoy! 

With the holidays just around the corner so many of us are going to be spending time at the airports and flying to see our family and friends. When Scott and I got together we worked together in a job that required us to travel weekly. Of course, I traveled before that a lot but I spent so much time in the airports and on planes that I learned a lot. It can be the best or worst experience no matter if you fly a lot or a little. So here are my tips to fly safe & smart. 

Things have changed a lot and now you can check in ahead of time. Yep.. Most of us have memories of checking in at the counter when catching the flight but now you can do that online through your airline right before or a few hours ahead. Then all you have to do is go through security. How awesome is that!?

If you have a smart phone it's a good idea to download your airlines app to make things easier. You can check in, check your flight status, upgrade, get reminders and even save you boarding pass right to your phone. 

If you are traveling out of the country passbook is wonderful to add to your phone to store a copy of your passport. It just extra security of having an additional copy just in case you need it. 

Carry on luggage is the best to insure its not lost. Make sure it is 40lbs or lighter if it is going above. You don't want it falling out and hurting anyone! Be sure to label everything and don't just use those paper tags. Invest in good luggage tags and make sure your information is current. 
Keep your laptop easily accessible. I hate it when I see people with big 5 ziperd latptop case that holds up the entire line. I like to put all my other items up on the belt first and leave my laptop last so it goes through around the time I go through the screening. I don't want to have it go first and be there unattended. But have it where you can get it out and put it away easily. 
Dress appropriately.  Wearing tons of jewelry and metal on a day you are traveling is just going to be a big pain. Go for less. I use to run around the airports in heels non stop but that tore my feet up and there were many times I was running through the airport, heels in hand. It made my feet gross and I learned that nothing beats a pair of flats or Nikes for travel days, Also watch the floors in the airport bathrooms and planes. A lot of times they have " water" on the floor and you can get the bottom of your pants or maxi skirt wet if you don't lift them up. Just be aware and watch out. 
Bring items to work on. You never know when something might happen and you get delyaed. So bring things that you can travel and do. I can work on video editing, read a book, knit, and I always make sure to have my computer and phone chargers on me. Always. 
Bringing head phones and your own blanket and a little pillow are must haves. Sometimes you might need to drown out a snoring neighbor, or crying baby. Headphones are a must. Don't get the cheap ones the airline sells. They don't work well, they won't hold up and very overpriced. I bring a large shaw as a blanket which is pretty thin and don't take up much space. Lets face it...airline blankets are ruff, dirty, and just not a good idea. Most of the time now they charge for those too. 

Bring snacks. You can pay for airport food but snacks are a must. There are tons of things you can travel with. Just grab your favorite on the go snacks and save some money when you can. 
Hydrate. When you fly you dehydrate. So drink water and if you are on a long fight bring face creams and lip balms that are very moisturizing. It can be a life saver after a loooong flight. 
After a couple hours, you need to move around. Its better for your body so make sure to get up and move around a little bit. 
Larger Jets have more safety standards. So try to stay off the commuter planes and fly non stop as much as you can. 
In the airline world there is a saying + 3 - 8 meaning.... The first 3 minutes of being in the plane is the most dangerous, during take off. And the last 8 minutes is also the most dangerous times when its preparing to land. Those are the times to be careful...have your seat belt on and pay attention to the flight attendants who are showing you how to get off the plane if something happens. 
Studies have shown that if the plane does crash in have about 90 seconds before you die of smoke inhalation or drowning. So sit within an exit row and pay attention to the safety manuals in the pockets of every seat. I like to know little facts like my cushion will float if we crash in the ocean. Call me crazy, but I like to know those type things when I am flying above water. 
Be considerate and take care of yourself before going. Take a shower, use deodorant because you know want the person next to you doing the same. No one wants to sit beside a nasty smelly person.
Be nice. Be nice to the flight attendants and everyone around you. You are stuck in a tube with people who you don't know. Be polite and have manners when flying with others. 
I like to take pictures of everything. I take a picture when I park so I know where it actually is because I never remember. I take pictures of things at the airport like taxi with numbers after we land. Whatever I don't want to forget, I take a picture of. 

Traveling with kids I have a few tips that I will share but that alone could be another video all by itself. 

* Normally with little kids, if you sit back at the rear of the plane by the engines, the babies love it. They kinda fall asleep and it also muffles out the noise for your fellow passengers if they do start to cry or get loud. 
* Bring things for them to do too. Don't just bring one box of crayons for 2 kids. Bring each child their own little bag of things to do age appropriate of course. 
* Most of the time airlines let children get on first to get settled in so be sure to check on that when you reserve your tickets. 
* Try to make it fun. Its nice to maybe to take a gift for them to open mid fight just as a surprise!
I hope these tips make your next flight a little more safe and a little more smart. If you have tips that you want to share....please leave them in the comments!