Sunday Inspriation

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. I woke up late today and still at 3pm I feel completely exhausted. Not such a good way to go through the day but I am trying to get as much coffee in me as possible and try to find some energy.

This has been a pretty easy week for me in a lot of ways. I am doing my best to be understanding of all the hours my husband is working but I have been a grump about it some! Its not easy. I want him to work....we need him to support our family but I miss him too. So I am trying to find some kind of balance with that alone. I am really trying to live a more God like life. However, I still have my struggles. I still get frustrated and lose my patience but each step I take is hopefully bringing me closer to acceptance and the grace I so desperately need.

I don't think you can get through this life even when trying to live God's way without having obstacles in the way. There are little moments through each of those challenging experiences where we can grow from. I think its less about the thoughts you have and more about the actions you take. I am a super great planner and normally I can execute pretty well my plans but I can't just make lists and hope life turns out the way I want it. I have to put some action into it even in the hardest of moments. I have struggled with depression for years. And before I had children, I could lay in the bed and not face the world. Now I have a children who don't let me just stay in bed upset. They have made me a survivor. Who would have guessed that 2 young children would be the best antidote for depression. Kids really are our mirrors. They show us everything about ourselves in such a clean pure way. And while they have basically saved my life many times, my goal is to get them to the point they are confident in themselves and their decisions. But it's funny that they are teaching me as much as I am teaching them. It's funny how that works out.

I think each day all we can to is our best. It's not always going to be right but if we can make the day after that even just a little better, and so will balance itself out and fall in line on it's own according to God's plan. Just step forward and watch life work out. For me, my own journey has had so many mountains I had to climb, and believe me.... I still have a lot of climbing to make it to the peak..and guess what? That peak will come in my last breath. So until then, I have to learn to let problems go out as fast as they come in. And have faith that I am moving in the right direction because God is showing me. He is also showing you too. Each day we have the power to gain more peace, wisdom and faith. Don't waste it.