Sunday Inspiration + Updates!

Sunday, October 19, 2014
Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful evening. I am back a little later with my Sunday Inspiration post along with a couple of updates! So as you can see, the blog has went through some changes today. I have been working hard with another web designer to get this happy place of mine just a little bolder and a little brighter! I really hope you guys like it. Everything is still pretty much in the same area so you should be able to easily navigate through the blog with ease. I still have a few things I would like to finish but I plan on doing a full review of the web designer and show you her work in full and even do a giveaway for a premade template. Yep! So stay tuned for that to come in the days or weeks ahead. I am totally excited to share the love with one of my fellow bloggers! If you run into any issues feel free to let me know because it takes a couple days sometimes to get out the kinks.

So its not just Sundays when I am spiritual per say. But I do tend to put up more of a spiritual kind of post on Sundays. Tonight I will share with you that my journey to get myself, my family, my life back on track. For the past few weeks, I have made myself get out of the depressed worried anxious mood I tend to stay in with a new schedule. I speak about it here but it has helped me so much. Not just with the housework, blogging and youtubing schedules. But with making myself follow a new routine in the morning. I normally don't take a shower in the am because I always take a long bath before bed. But the shower is kinda refreshing and gives me a few minutes of solitude to get some positive thoughts running through my head first thing, Straight out of the bed and into the shower. Normally it would be right to the coffee pot! Then I come out and have some time reading my prayer book and mediating simply sitting in a quiet area alone with my thoughts....eyes closed...taking in the natural noises and let every negative thought that some how enters, pass through and go back to a positive thought. I am now thinking about my thoughts... what they are telling me and what I am telling myself. I keep bringing it back to positive. So this little routine takes roughly 30 - 35 minutes and has been giving me the the extra boost I have needed to start my day in a more positive way. Winter is right around the corner. And if you haven't checked out my winter time blues might be helpful if you have been off schedule too.

But now back to my mornings....everything went well the past week with this new routine but I must say...weekends are harder. The boys are home and noisey...I was out of bed without a shower this morning because I was needed in a hurry. And to be honest, mediation didn't happen either. I did make the time to read my morning prayer book, watch Joel Osteen with Scott but its crazy different with my family in the house. It's ok though. I still filled my head with tons of positive thoughts. And its still been a little stressful. I have been working hard with another very sweet kind lady who I have harassed like a crazy person. I still have some items that I would love her help on. I feel like I am very comfortable with webdesign but she is better and knows more. So I was totally stressed out. I know she probably was too. So it was a teaching day. Actually last night my friend was on the phone with me when the changes started happening and told me to calm down and breath. She feels sorry for the lady working for me since I am such a control freak. But I really am impressed by Leslie. She has been such a sweet heart making stressful change less stressful even with all my 71 emails. Bet she wasn't expecting that! :) 

I am really trying to see and think about things differently. Thoughts are just an extension of me.. they are not me and they don't always mean something. Let them flow in and try to just live in the moment. Today that meant spending time with my family and not getting half the stuff I wanted to get done. But that's ok. Their company is more important than my schedule. We even went and looked at another house that might be free of a peeping tom. Ha! I'm not even joking. I don't know if we will really be moving but the idea sure sounds nice right now. Expensive but nice. Our oldest daughter Laura has been trying to work out a plan where Scott, myself Jackson, herself , husband and their 3 children move to Florida. All of us in one large house until the kids could get into another. The boys totally squashed our dreams but I think the timing is off. And I also think Scott and I should get down their first and get settled in before the kids come. Laura's not giving up though! :) And I am not so sure old Scott is ready to live with 3 kids all under 3 years old. Plus all of ours in the summer. Yea...we might have to find separate places to start off with. But close enough we can help with the baby's. And I know she needs the help! 

So I hope you go into this new week with as many good and positive thoughts as possible. Try to fall a sleep tonight thinking something nice and positive. Wake up and force yourself to do the same. I am ready to control my mind more than letting it control me. So keep thinking positive thoughts no matter how hard things are. See ya tomorrow with my week in review.