Large Food & Grocery Hauls | Video | Part 1 & 2 |

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello friends! I haven't been feeling very good the past couple of days but I did manage to get out and do some shopping. These kind of videos are always a hit because I think many of you get menu ideas and lets face it....buggie watching is fun! :) I always love to see what others are buying. Today though, I actually have 2 videos to share you....YEP! I also did a weekly food prep video too. I tried  to put it all in 1 video but it was wayyyyy to long.

Normally I do my shopping on the weekends. Then I use the evening to prep everything I got to make the week go by easier. Instead of tossing dirty produce in the frig and having to deal with it on a busy weeknight, I like to get as much done when I bring the groceries home. 

There are a lot of times I do more than what I showed in the food prep below. And maybe when we have another busy week, I will do a video showing it all. Anyway, here's this weeks food prep...hope you enjoy!
Thanks for watching! I hope you have a blessed and beautiful Sunday. 
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