Inside my head...Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Tuesday friends. I thought I would just do a quick check in today because I miss writing. I make a lot of videos now but often times, I don't get to just sit down  and write. And writing is my first passion. So I thought today I would share some of the thoughts bouncing around in my head. Have run reading!

* The first time I was woken up this morning was about 745 am. I guess the boys had left and Romeo didn't like the idea of being in the house alone. So his big ass went up to flights of stairs and sat at the only door closed and meowed over and over and over and over and over. Seriously...he didn't stop until I got up and opened the door. And then he just wanted to play and I just wanted to sleep. If I moved around in any direction, he would totally attack my feet, arms, even hair. But how can I get mad at this boy? BTW...that was on of his fall pictures last year...he's never outside without extreme supervision. He means the world to our entire family but I didn't appreciate his harassment this morning. And to make it even better.....hes totally sound asleep right now.

*  I finally did fall back to sleep even kitty bites on my toes and woke up so abruptly with the loud ass door bell. So I had another bunch of unexpected issues pop up. At that point, I gave up and never went back to bed. Gosh...guess God is trying to tell me to drag my butt out of the bed and enjoy the beautiful day.

* Yesterday I stopped my weekly cleaning on the 2nd floor. That means today I have to work on the first floor. Yippe.

* For some reason I have been making the coffee super strong, so Scott says. I was trying to stick to budget and bought Folgers this last time. I think its just a stronger coffee Gevalia. But he's right...its so strong it could probably walk itself right out the front door.

* My sons math homework has finally reached the point where I can no longer help him. I have never been good with numbers but his 6th math homework drives me crazy. Thank God for Scott being able to help with that subject otherwise we'd be in trouble.

* My sister in law Trina has her daughter in the hospital sick and taking care of her 3 month old baby boy. They kept her daughter overnight and it is sure worrying me.

* Oscar Pistorius was convicted today and is to serve 5 years for shooting his girlfriend. I actually agree with that sentence...Here's what I think happened. It was reported that he was texting his ex girlfriend that night. New girl friend realizes it...flips out...goes and locks herself in the bathroom and he tries to get in to talk to her and can't. So he grabs his gun to try to shoot the door open. I don't think he meant to kill her but it happened. Its sad all the way around. See...that's how fast a fight can turn deadly.

* I am thinking about switching over to wordpress. Still not sure though. Decisions Decisions. For the most part Google has been really good to me so idk. Maybe I should stay right here. Do you have any thoughts on the subject ?

* I realized a little while ago that the clothes I laid out for Jackson to wear today were in my room...I simply forgot to put them out. No telling what he is wearing today.

* The clock is ticking today and so far, I have made a few phone calls, replied to some emails and refilled my coffee. Yea.. its a good thing husby works late. We still have at least 6.5 hours before he gets home. I'm just thankful that they are selling more cars at this dealership even though I love Volkswagen. And FYI....there is no way in hell I am coming out of my bug and going into a Dodge. Yep.. not happening! I do miss him though. Its really long days and he comes home exhausted.

* I think I am going to try to have some professional stickers made for my Erin Condren planner. A few shops on Etsy that I am hoping can help design them for me!

* I have totally been loving Madam Secretary. It comes out I have been loving Téa Leoni in a serious part..It comes on Sunday's at 8:30 on CBS. Check it out! 

* I have got a ton of paperwork and bills to go through.  A job I am seriously dreading. Did you see all the mail I showed you in my most recent vlog? Ha....time to break out the shredder and get busy. 

* I was asked to be interviewed by a student at New York University about my haul videos via skype. How fun is that!? I think we are doing it maybe I can record it and show you guys.

* I haven't been feeling that good here lately. Sneezing, throat and earache but no fever. I guess its just the change of the weather but it sucks.

* I really need to get busy getting my makeup brushes cleaned TODAY. Yea.. that is totally happening today.

* Erin Condren blew out my facebook fan page. They posted this video on their facebook fan page and now I have a bunch of new friends! How amazing is that. If you are new here....welcome! I hope you stay around for a while and get to know us.

* I hate not being able to find freebies. I have been searching high and low but its been slim pickings. I do have a new free magazine deal that I will get posted in just a bit. Hopefully they pick back up in the winter. Don't ask me why...but they always slow down in the summer months.

* I have someone who harrasses me, steals my pictures and content and have already stolen my header and a few other things to promote their hate Kisha blog. It's ridiculous and I am trying to just roll with it but I wish I could throw their ass in jail. But positive thoughts...There is no such thing as bad publicity is what I keep telling myself but to be completely honest, its total bullshit. I know they are broken and I am trying to forgive but they are sure making it harder.

* I think I am going to see if I can get any of the cats to walk on the treadmill! Yep. Lets see if I can make it happen. Training the dog was easy.....which I plan on filming a video showing you how to do it, but I want to see how the cats will handle it. Should be interesting. :)

* You guys are so awesome. I love that you use the form on my contact me page to send me emails. Know that I read them pretty much the second they come in unless I am driving. I try to respond back on the weekend so don't think I have forgot about you. You guys inspire and life me up so much.

* I am seriously loving my nails right now. They are long, strong, and natural! I do have a acrylic overlay over my natural nails too keep them from breaking but I am totally happy with how they are growing. I found a great lady who does such a good job on my nails.  I sometimes paint them myself but I am not so good at it but I like a more natural nail. I would feel like a freak with bright colors on my nails being they are long unless its neutral and natural looking. I don't like to stand out because of my nails. So right now... I am super happy with how they are growing and staying strong.

* I have a fresh flower review coming up. I am excited to share with you some beautiful flowers that you can get a discount with if you want to order some for yourself or someone else. I love fresh flowers in the house.

* I am getting super tired of all the political commercials. I wish they would at least label each political ad with the party they stand with. Yea.. I want to know. I would sooner put my dog in the white house before I put some old timer Republican in. It's just how I feel. I am really really really hoping Hillary Clinton is our next President.

* Jackson has been having a few issues on the school bus. I called the school Monday and they said they would look into it. But suggested I pick him up if he was being picked on. WTF? Yea.. not So far they have done nothing. I'm afraid between ex husband and Scott one of them are going to get on that bus and end up on CNN. My ex husband said send him to school with pepper spray and if he needs it, he has it. Ugh...I'm pretty sure Jackson would be tossed out of school for the year if he did that. It's hard when schools just fall short on helping their students. They did send a really sweet card home the other day but I think the bus issue needs to be addressed to. Call me crazy, but I think they should deal with the bullies and not make me come pick up my son. That just sounds lazy to me. Hopefully today will be better for him.

* Thank goodness what I need to do today is quick because I am kinda running behind. But I'll be caught up before Scott walks in the door. I also have another blog post and video that should be up later this evening. Stay tuned.

I hope you have a great day.. time to get busy. ♥ Feel free to let me know how your day is going....I would love to know!