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Thursday, October 16, 2014
Hello friends! I am back today with a very in depth look at and giveaway. You guys know how much I like trying monthly subscription boxes so when I stumbled upon I was totally excited to try a couple of their meals. This is more of a weekly type of subscription box or you certainly order it monthly. Its really up to you. offers 7 dishes each week that actual chef's desgin. You just log on and pick out what you want and it comes right to your doorstep with 99.9% of the items you will need to make the meals. You might need some olive oil, salt & pepper, and pots but most of the ingredients is sent right to you. So you can see everything in the video and there are even more pictures and the GiVeAwAy form is below! 
I was totally happy when my box came in the mail. I was a little nervous that I would not be home when it was dropped off but that didn't matter at all. 

They designed their boxes as you saw in the video in a cooler style. Its totally insulted and the food will be fine until you can get home and get it put away. The packaging alone can't be cheap and just goes to show that they really care in their in product and want it to reach us with no issues. 

Once I got the box open I saw it had everything included as they said they would. Here's everything included for the Steak au Poivre with a Spinach potato Gratin...with detailed recipe cards that will take you through each step with great pictures and illustrations. 

And here is the recipe card and ingredients for the Quinoa Salad with Seared Salmon and Avocado dinner. 

I didn't make either of these right away. I waited a few days on purpose to see how the ingredients would hold up. None of us are going to unpack the ingredients are cook them all at once so it was important to test out how well the food lasted. The steak dinner was in the frig for 3 days waiting on me to make it and everything was fresh. I was a little nervous if the potatoes would be enough for my husband and myself. But I followed the recipe all the way and we have more than enough for both of us. 

It was super easy to make. This meal took close to 30 minutes to make but it turned out so delicious. We loved the sauce on top of the steak....each bite was full of flavors and we loved it. We didn't have left overs but we did have a wonderful dinner. 

A few nights later we went on to make the Quinoa Salad with seared salmon and avocado. I thought this would be a challenge because my husband is not too fond of quinoa. Again.. the ingredients remained fresh the way they packaged them and it was a super fast dinner.  I think I had it done in about 15-20 minutes. ( Of course it took a little longer because I was filming but it was fast. ) 

The flavors were amazing in this salad. Scott really liked the quinoa too. I was kinda shocked that he ate his entire bowl. The salmon remained fresh until I cooked it. Everything was super easy to make and it was another hit! 

Final Thoughts:

I was actually really surprised at the care plated used to ship the food to us, all the way to the recipes on the plates. This is not a sponsored review. I did get the deal where I get the first box free, just pay shipping but had no idea I would be doing this review. Sometimes there are companies who contact me for reviews but other times I just find something I am interested in, test it out, and do a surprise review and sometimes giveaway. All my reviews are true and honest but the surprise reviews are always the best! I was shocked at how easily the meals were to make. The cards came in handy showing step by step how to make each meal. The food was fresh, recipes inovantive and I loved it. There was no waiting in the long grocery line. Everything I needed, came in the box or I already had. Its not over priced. I went to culinary school at Sullivan College and these kind of recipes would make my instructors very happy. They are new, current, healthy, flavorful meals that most adults are going to like. To be very honest, my 12 old picky son wouldn't really care for the meals but for a family 2 or a family of non picky eaters....this might be a answer for you. You don't have to look at it like an extra bill. If you order a box for yourself, you can simply take out of the grocery budget. I think this perfect for people who are not too sure of themselves in the kitchen and its also perfect for young couples just starting out. I know my sister would love this and I think my oldest daughter would also love this too. So it might also be good to gift out! :) Since I love it so much and found the food that good.... I am sharing it with one of you!

Simply, get entered on the form below. One winner will win 2 meals a total of 4 plates just like what I got to try out for yourself. Now there are some restrictions. Some places way out in Colorado, East Texas and New Mexico they just can't deliver to. It can take up to 3 days in transit and thats not so good for perishables. If you live in one of these areas, you might want to go right here to check out if they deliver to you. Just put in your zipcode and it will let you know. If your selected and they don't deliver, I will have to pick another winner. This is for US Residents only!  This was such a nice way of getting our food without all the shopping with some new interesting recipes that you can continue to make for as long as you like. I was totally impressed and don't know if it will work every week for our family but there are times when I know I will be ordering such as....when we are coming home from vacation and want some food there when we arrive. We can just have it delivered the day we are returning and it will be there waiting on us when we arrive. I also love the exotic meals so I will for sure be watching the website for new fun recipes which might prompt me to place a quick order for busy weeks. I might also be signing up some family for gifts! This is a great Christmas present to give new cook and young family. They offer vegan meals, and so much more that you really should head over to their website to see for yourself. Also if you are single... you would have 2 different servings with each meal taking you through the week on just 2 meals. 

The Giveaway is going to last until Wednesday November 5, 2014. I will be announcing the winner on November 6, 2014 on youtube and on THIS BLOG POST! Good luck to everyone! 

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If you have any questions about anything you saw or read, let me know in the comments. Have a blessed and beautiful day. ♥