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Friday, October 10, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Friday. I thought today I would share with you my new simple fall schedule. I have been having the hardest time staying on any kind of schedule. And as I have expressed this over the past couple of weeks, many of you have let me know that I am not alone. I guess the new school year brought a lot of changes many of us were not ready for. In my search for happiness and productivity I made a simple daily schedule to try to stick to. I show you every thing in the video and there is more below. Hope you enjoy.

I recently found a schedule of a another blogger ( sadly her blog has been taken down or something) that inspired me. I took a good look at how much she was accomplishing during her days and felt so inspired to get things right again in my life. Nothing has felt right since we came back from our Myrtle Beach Vacation. Maybe my heart stayed there at the beach but life continued on shore. I just never got back into the fast paced school year groove and needed to fix it.

I started out on excel. You find find schedule templates within the program that make it easy to use even if you haven't been on excel much...such as myself. I liked it and printed it and started trying to make it work for me. I made some changes along the way until I really figured out what schedule I wanted and needed. 

Once I got that figured out, I got my new Erin Condren Oh What a Week Desk Pad and my label maker to make my weekly schedule. I just love the colorful pad...the paper is sturdy and I put my schedule in time slots down each day's column.

Its not fancy and I did laminate it of sorts using clear packing tape across the front and back of the page to make sure it would stand up to the test of time. The first week like I was noticing where I could add more, take away something, make any changes needed. It was a day by day process the first week. The second week, I did my best to stick to the schedule but I also wanted to see what I was falling short on. Where I was going off schedule at. What I found was the phone calls coming in and going out were taking up a lot of my time through the day. 

I didn't really shock me but it made me more aware of how I was truly spending my time. I have to be honest about it otherwise I won't be able to change it. Now some of the time, I can put the phone calls into the daily work areas but I still have to be careful and not spend so much time gabbing to friends and family. I had to really work hard at keeping the phone calls down during the day. Its hard because our kids and family along with many of our friends are not local so we are always talking to them. I love that but I still have to limit it. I can talk and work sometimes but that doesn't always happen. And sometimes its just plain rude to try to work and talk. Once I moved through the second week, by Thursday I was doing pretty good. As I said in the video the work area each day is based on that current week and what needs to be done. It can anything but its a time to be productive and get something done during that time. I have a lot to catch up on and its not going to be easy so I will have to use the work times appropriately to get things done. 

I am now in my 3rd week of this new fall schedule and it really has been working pretty well. I have fallen short still a few times but its very simple to follow. Its really too simple it seems but right now its getting me back to normal with my life. I really needed the help. I am so thankful for that blog post that I read on Wanting what You Have totally inspired me to make some major changes.  Maybe she will get it back up but I showed it in full in this vlog around 19:20. I love bloggers and other youtubers who inspire me. Her schedule hit me just at the right time. So far, I have done pretty well on it and I love how much I am accomplishing.

If you are someone who has fallen of the schedule wagon too, I hope maybe this inspires you to figure out a schedule slotted out by time increments and make more of your days. I know so many stay at home wives and moms have to follow some kind of personal schedule to really keep life running smoothly. This has made me feel better, treat my family better, and also take better care of the many obligations I have that have been getting pushed back. 

If you have a daily schedule that you wouldn't mind sharing, I wish you would let me know in the comments on here or the video on youtube. Just like I was inspired by someone else's schedule, someone might just find yours as inspirational. So feel free to share! And if you are a blogger or youtuber write up a post, do a video and share it! 

Have a beautiful and blessed Friday. 

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