Friday Letters ♥

Friday, October 24, 2014
Hello everyone! I hope you are getting along great with your Friday. Jackson is out of school today so we actually have a houseful of kids who are here hanging bare with me as I write Friday letters in a very busy day!

♥ Dear God, Thank you for giving me this body. I don't think I have taken care of you as good as I could have. Just last night I was running some errands and I was aching everywhere. If you can hear my prayers, my thoughts, or even read the words I am typing right now... please send my old body some love...and more importantly...keep my family and friends safe. You know how much they all mean to me. 

♥ Dear Scott, I know you are working your butt off selling all those cars daily but we miss you. Please try to keep your days's off and come home to spend time with us! Thanks for the new wedding band. I can't wait for it get done being sized. 

♥ Dear Laura, I am so glad you found your doggie! You put so much time into finding him. I can't wait to talk to you and find out how he came home. So happy for you! 

♥ Dear Honey Boo Boo, Thank goodness you are off the air. I don't understand putting such stupid shit on tv. I just don't get it. While I wish your family the best, I am go glad your show has been axed. 

♥ Dear Jackson, I am so glad you got what you wanted for your birthday. I love you so much....we love you so much and you are growing up and maturing each day. Your a beautiful person and we will fight for you, we will love you, and we will hopefully show you the right direction and then you are off to walk down your own path one day. Happy birthday baby. I love you. 

♥ Dear Cooper, I really think your workouts are paying off! I can't wait to go back to the Vet to see if you have lost any weight. You seem like you are feeling a little more spunky and maybe the all natural dog food is helping too! Glad to see you feeling better. 

♥ Dear Laci, Sorry I missed your call twice yesterday. Call me later today when you can. Love you! 

♥ Dear Chrissy Teigen, I am sorry that you got so beat up over your comments. Honestly I think you were right, One shooting in Canada and their world stops and here in America it's just an average day when that happens. I'm sick of Americans that are so dumb, thick, and not willing to accept that the rest of the world finds it unacceptable to be able to get guns so readily. And I am an American myself. I wish we were not living in such the dark ages in this country. 

♥ Dear House, you were freeeeeeeeezing this morning. I was too tired and lazy just climbing out of bed to start a fire so I went ahead and turned on the heat for a few minutes. 

♥ Dear Brittany Belle, I know you are nervous and excited about cheerleading competitions tomorrow. Try to keep your toes pointed, smile, and have fun. I know its stressful and I know its hard but its also suppose to be fun. Mind your manners and do your best. Everything else will fall into place. I love you so much and all I want is for you to have a safe beautiful life. I also can't believe you are going to be 13 years old next week!!!! Now that's scary! 

♥ Dear Friday, with a houseful of neighborhood kids here and Jackson out of school, it feels like the WeEkEnD!!! I can already tell its going to be hard getting things done today. 

♥ Dear Trina, I am so glad Vicki is coming home today. God bless you for taking care of the baby, visiting your sick daughter, taking care of your house along with working sounds like a super woman to me. I went out to 4 places yesterday and was totally exhausted. Feel free to bottle of that energy of yours and ship it my way! 

♥ Dear Ears, why have you been hurting so badly lately?'s so uncomfortable. 

♥ Dear Shanna, Princes in New Albany... I have my doubts! Hahahahahaha! I love you and you are truly someone I trust with everything. Thanks for being such a good friend to me. 

♥ Dear New Neighbors, It was so nice meeting you last night. I don't like many people around here. I love my neighbors right across the street...really they are the only ones I trust around here but I sure liked meeting you and your husband. Your son is well mannered and we will have to get together again sometime! Thanks for coming over and introducing yourself. Many parents just drop their kids off and never want to guys came in, hung out, and got to know us a little....and you getting to know us a little better. It was actually fun! Nice to have met you. 

♥ Dear Romeo, How many times does it take for you meowing at my door to figure out I am not opening it. You tore my toes up the other morning so just go find someone else to bother at 8am. I'm not opening the door. 

♥ Dear Mom, Glad you are doing good. I kinda hate it that you are so far away. I wish I could hop in the car and be at your house in a couple of hours.

♥ Dear Mrs Porter, You were the cutest teacher at Jackson's school yesterday. Your adorable and I really enjoyed talking to you. Thank you for working with Jackson. I have to admit, I am not too impressed with the school system right now. Maybe next year we will end up putting Jakson in private school. Idk but you were such a joy to talk to! My husband and I both thought you were the cutest and reminded us of our own older daughter! Gosh...such young teachers anymore but that's ok... fresh and current is all good 

♥ Dear Jordan, I don't know when you are going to come around. If ever. But I want you to know that I love you but I don't support how you are acting. If you want us to buy you a car, if you want to be a part of the family, you have to stop with the dumb shit and start talking when you call. I seriously think its time I write Patti a letter and talk to her. If I had her number... I would have already called. 

♥ Dear Leaves, I am not a lawn and garden person but I wonder why we can't just leave you on the ground and not rake you up. Won't you turn into compost? Hummmmm...guess I need to do some research. However, if any of you guys know why we have we have to rake opposed to just leaving them....feel free to let me know.

♥ Dear Lone Survivor, I have watched your movie probably 20 times. I don't think there was a movie in 2014 that touche me as much as yours. opens your eyes to so many things and it makes me grateful for the men and women who protect our country. I think it's a must see for everyone. I'm sorry for all the souls that left over that operation. May they rest in peace forever. I have not read the book but I ordered it. Can't wait to read it.

♥ Dear Lindsay, thank you for your help with the blog and everything else you did for me. I know you were probably overwhelmed with all my emails. Thank you so much and I will do a giveaway of one of your pre made templates in a couple of weeks.....and hopefully they are not as demanding as I was!

♥ Dear House, surprising enough, you stayed pretty clean this week. However, I'm not sure I am even making the beds today! Ha! I just might not...and enjoy a day of no housework! :)

♥ Dear Blog/ Youtube Friends, Thank you so much for all your blog post that I read on a daily basis. I am totally inspired by you guys and I just say thanks. I try to leave comments a lot of times but just know this blogging community has been amazing to be a part of. I love you guys.... thanks for coming back and visiting,

Have a great Friday!