Friday Letters! ♥

Friday, October 17, 2014
Happy Friday friends! Here are a few little Friday letters.....hope you enjoy! I also want to point out that these are in no kind of order except God being at the top... besides that, I type them as they pop in my head. 

Dear God, Thank you for helping me see the error of my ways this past week. I think you know that I am really trying and I totally appreciate life being a little easier this week. Please continue to surround my family in your white light and protect us. 

Dear Scott, I am so happy you are back to work. I love you very much and know I shouldn't complain BUT...I really do hate your late hours. Jackson and I miss you. Thanks for making the coffee this morning.

Dear Romeo, why are your eyes watering so much. Maybe you have kitty allergies or something but it looks uncomfortable, I know you hate having them cleaned maybe it's time to get you to the Vet. 

Dear Macy, This picture was simply perfect. I loooooooved it and probably would have had the same face if was shaking hands with Hilary Clinton. You look like a girl who just got the best gift ever! Not 1 kitten but the 2 kitten face with overwhelming joy! I think it's adorable. And now you have a one hell of a picture to show off for the rest of your life...And I loved Hilarys Face too! This picture just made me it did many many other people! I personally think you just shook hands with the next President of the United States. We'll see! 

Dear Trina & Shanna, Yep...I am grouping you girls together because I love you both so much. You both are such great listeners and give me such honest advice but with love. I need to hear it sometimes. Thank you for being there for our family and me because we need all the support we can get! You both are simply amazing and your lives are pretty interesting too! :) And Trina, you guys need to come for Thanksgiving! 

Dear Cooler Weather, I love the colors of the fall and using the fireplace but what I love more is fresh air. But I really like the windows and doors open more. So I am not looking forward to winter really at all. 

Dear Brittany Belle, I am glad you have enjoyed your fall break but ready to head back and kick butt. I am very proud of you and love you with all my ♥. 

Dear Grandma, I miss you. I feel so bad because you are my last living grandmother and your in another state where I can't even see you. I know its hard to talk on the phone and I don't call as much but I love you and I truly miss you. I wish we could go back in time where I could call and talk to you 10x a day. 

Dear Brittany Maynard, I keep thinking about you. I have started thinking you have put a time clock on your life. On November 1...gone. Why that date? How do you know for sure that on November 1st, you will have a happy comfortable day with your husband....which might lead to November 2nd and so on. I don't know if I could ever take part in a family member ending their own life. Its just too heart breaking. Your not an animal that needs put to my opinion, you need to be a girl that fights for her life. 

Dear Jackson, I am so proud of all your good grades. You are doing better this year and it makes me so happy. But you don't need to complain about homework. Just get it done because as you go through the rest of middle school and high school....your homework is really going to increase. Get use to it and no complaining! Don't take your education for granted.

Dear Stomach, please stop hurting. I have a lot to do today. 

Dear Laci, You are one of the busiest people I know. You are always going here, there and everywhere! I love and miss you and love it that we talk much more now. You are growing up into such a beautiful person. I love you sis. 

Dear Ebola, I feel like you are going to spread like wildfire. None of us trust you and you even got your own apps. The Ebola Project will let you know so many things including where the danger areas are and how close someone who is infected is to you. Its crazy......see why I like staying home?
Dear Mom, I have talked to you in a while.....we'll have to catch up soon. Love you. 
Dear Bedroom Closet, its time to get into you and get the warmer clothes out. Plus I allowed you to get kinda messy. So we have a day date coming up soon. 

Dear Jenny, thank you for making my nails the way I wanted. 

Dear Sting,  I think I loved you from the first time I hear your voice. And this video with Jimmy Fallon was amazing! I loved it! I am probably going to have to record the end of this video on my phone and use it as my own VM!

Dear Jordan, I hope you are doing well. I talked to your dad the other day and checked in on you. I love you and wish you would start talking when you call. 5 seconds of courage is all you need. 

Dear Cooper, I hope the new flea meds help. I hated not listening to the Vet but the all natural stuff wasn't working. So now hopefully those little bugs will die and we won't have to worry about it any longer. And hey...the neighbor thinks you have lost some weight! So maybe the work outs are paying off! 

Dear Coffee, even though we are in the still taste absolutely wonderful. However, I have peed 50 times since I woke up so maybe its time I stop substituting lunch with coffee.

Dear Buddy, it was good catching up with you the other day. I'm sorry I had to cut it short but I'll call back soon! 

Dear Laura, I felt so bad for you yesterday. I could hear how tired you were. Hopefully the baby will be here soon and you can start feeling better. No matter what, its going to be exhausting for a while but I promise it will get easier. We love you.

Dear Blogger Template, you are totally messing up so I am switching you around this weekend. It might be a long process but I am so tired of you messing up. 

Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, Thank you for stopping by and making my day with your sweet emails and comments. I am inspired by you and I hope you have a great weekend.