Friday Letters!

Friday, October 10, 2014
Happy Friday friends! I am back with another round of Friday Letters....hope you enjoy! 

Dear God, Thank you for lighting the way this past week. Things are getting better day by day...and I know its because you have been watching our lives and hearing my prayers. 

Dear Brittany Maynard, Your story has forever touched my life. I cried watching your video and every time your story comes on the news makes my heart break and eyes fill right up. I am not sure if I agree or disagree but your strength is so inspiring. I am not sure I could ever be supportive of a loved one making that choice but on November 1, are so going to be in my head and heart. Probably for the rest of my life. 

Dear Scott, I am so glad you are out of the house working. I did love having you home but we depend so much on you. I am shocked at how well the car business has taken care of you and our family. It's what your at...and its your career. Feel fortunate. Most people can't walk in to a job and make what you do. Just remember not to take it for granted. I love you. Oh...and thanks for all your help with the house the past couple of weeks. 

Dear Kitty Cats, I am so happy seeing all 4 of you clean and fluffed up running around here. You guys are like a little pack.....but your antics still won't get you can food. Give it up. 

Dear Jackson, its time to get you into Karate or something. Sitting in your room non stop playing video games is not working for me. It might work for you but little boys should be outside playing and doing more than just using your thumbs. I love you....but you have to go play sometimes. Enjoy being a kid because life comes super fast with tons of responsibility. 

Dear Laci, You have been so busy. I can't believe you are managing a full time job, classes and somewhat of a personal life. I am shocked by your energy! I love you. 

Dear Sony, Thanks for no longer making Sony Vaio's....assholes. This has been by far my favorite laptop and I have not taken 1 but 2 new computers back because they just don't measure up. And its getting time to get you worked on or find another. I have no idea what computer to pick now. * Sigh.

Dear Shanna, I love you and still think you need to eat more!!!!!!!! And I am totally happy you are putting the teenager you have to work around the house a little more. Gosh...he better be happy I'm not around more or I'd come over and put him to work myself! :)

Dear Stephen Collins, OMG. I am sick with you right now. I am sorry but that clearly sounded like YOU on that tape admitting what you did to young girls. I think someone like you should be gone from this planet forever. Jail is too good for you and you better be worried about your afterlife too. 

Dear Jordan, The next steps you should be doing are.....taking the shit down online and then speaking when you actually call. Our entire family wants you back. All you have to do is make the right moves and you will have so many people loving and supporting you. I would never let anyone hold me from my mom, dad, brothers or sisters.....and that's why I am so upset with my grandmother. You are older and can make your own choices now. We love you....come get to know us. I can't promise you won't see crazy from time to time but we are the most loyal loving family and you would fit right in. 

Dear House, I am slowly trying to get you cleaned up. Scott helped a lot when he was home but now its just you and me again. I dread it but with my new schedule maybe things will be easier. I love that you are all decorated for fall now! 

Dear Mom, I am working on finding out if we can get on the cruise in June but right now all signs are good! Sorry we won't be together this Christmas but maybe we can take that trip after all. I love you. 

Dear Amanda Bynes, I feel so sorry for you. I feel like any day now we are going to see you have died all across CNN. You seriously need to take the help from your parents. Good luck.

Dear Laura, I am so sorry about your grandpa. I know today might not be easy but remember all those good memories. I hope you and Megan lean on each other during this very hard day. May he forever rest in peace. Your dad and I love you very much. Kiss the girls for us. 

Dear Brittany, I'm sorry I missed your call last night. By time I noticed, I thought it was too late to call back. I am glad you are getting ready for competitions coming up soon! Keep practicing! 

Dear Trina, Thank you for always being such a loving place to fall. Scott and I both love you very much and appreciate having you in our lives. Come for Thanksgiving! 

Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, You guys are so awesome. I am not a huge blogger or huge youtuber but the friendships that have came with both are so amazing. I am truly blessed so many of you guys are huge inspirations in our lives. You might think my story helps you but your emails and comments really help us too. I love you guys. Thanks for spending some of your life with our family. 

Dear Self, You are kinda doing better. Just keep busy and do your best to keep following that schedule. Remember to breath more through difficult times and try to remember that most problems are not life shattering. Remember to pray more and remember to forgive more. 
Have a great Friday! 
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