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Friday, October 3, 2014

Dear God, Thank you for a few easier days with my family. I promise that I am trying and will keep trying. You know that I don't use my time praying for material items or stupid things like that. Instead I focus my prayer time on real needs. You know the future...I don't and I hope its better than what the past couple of weeks have been. I give it all to you and trust you will take me where I need to go. 

Dear Self, You are still so screwed up schedule wise. I just want things to get back to some kind normality. Keep your focus and try to stay positive. And keep in mind that nature puts you at peace. Go on more walks and mini adventures. 

Dear October, I can't believe you showed up again so fast. It seems like the years are flying by at this point. I am excited for your beautiful colors, cozy fires, comforting dinners but I am not looking forward to shivers and getting sick. Everyone in the house is already starting to get the sniffles. Yea...not good. 

Dear Cupcake, It was sweet that you cuddled up in bed with me last night. I am kinda shocked because of all the kitty cats you are the most skittish of them all. I promise we are all cat lovers in this house so I hope you start warming up to us.....after all, I did help deliver you. 

Dear Blog, You are messing up in the strangest ways. I am trying to sort it all out but it would be nice if you would just cooperate. 

Dear Molar Tooth, Why are you hurting today. I woke up at 5am in pain....thanks a lot. Guess its time to pump myself full of antibodies and head back to the Dentist soon. In the meantime could you please stop throbbing.

Dear Jordan, You are getting braver by the day. Say hello sometime. I love you. 

Dear The View, I am starting to get use to all the new ladies together but you seriously need to redo that set. What kind of table is that? I guess you are going for a couch/coffee table look but it looks awful. 

Dear Rain, you sure are not going to help me have a busy active day. Instead I just want lay around and do nothing. Lets hope somehow, some way, I can find my motivation. 

Dear Brittany, sorry we didn't have a long talk last night. I was just really tired and not feeling that good. Call me earlier tonight! 

Dear Purse, I am actually ashamed at how messy you are right now. I probably should clean you out while I am sitting on my butt watching it rain. 

Dear Laura, you have got to tell me what you want for your birthday!!!! I'll just wire you cash if you don't tell me something fast!

Dear Shanna, Sorry we talk last night. I was tired and not feeling good....we'll catch up later today!

Dear Firewood, I still think we should bring you inside the garage. Right now you are getting soaked. Scott says its a bad idea to bring termites inside the house but does all wood have them? Idk. I just hate seeing my expensive investment getting soaked. 

Dear Jackson, sorry I forgot to sign your progress report. Hopefully the teacher won't mind it being turned in on Monday. I love you...and guess what!? The weekend is here! 

Dear Laci, Boy you sure have a full schedule! I'm so proud of you.....keep it up and it will be worth it. 

Dear Scott, Having you home for a couple weeks straight has presented some challenges but its nice seeing you have a break. Its also nice having you around to help out with some of your honey do's. I love you and glad we are getting along a little better. 

Dear Super Cooper, You have sure been loving Scott home during the day. Its like your best buddy is here and all you want to do is be up his butt! 

Dear Blog\Youtube Friends, You guys are simply the best. The love and support you have shown our family. We are working hard to keep our family together while we sort through the ups and downs of life. Thank you guys so much. 
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