Fall Weekends....

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Autumn | via TumblrHello friends. I hope you are having a great afternoon. Jackson and I both slept in until about 10:30. It felt amazing for both of us. My little Jackson is normally out of the bed at 6am so I know today staying cuddled up in the bed felt amazing to him too. I was feeling so bad last night that I was asleep pretty early but I guess it was worth it because I woke up feeling better.
As I sit here and write this post, the wind is kicking and leaves are just falling and floating through the air. Thankfully my little song birds outside are still chirping up a storm. I am sure going to miss them once winter really sets in. And speaking of winter......I saw on the news the other day that the polar vortex is going to be stronger and colder this year. I knew it!!! I could tell by the short spring and summer that winter was going to freeze us out again. Not good. But today the leaves look beautiful falling off the trees flying all around. Even the neighbors outside cat is out there chasing the leaves that are floating....its precious! 
Today isn't going to be too busy... here's my quick to do list. 
  • Finish menu planning for the week and getting lists together. 
  • Run to the PO Box, Grocery Store and Dollar Tree to get weekly supplies
  • Record hauls, put away food and start weekly food prep
  • Bring in more firewood for cooler nights. 
  • Work in bedroom closet and spare bedroom this weekend.
  • Go through paperwork, mail, and bills in the evenings to try to get caught up.
  • Enjoy the aroma of the pumpkin fall candles flowing through the house. 

I am so happy that even with the wind blowing, leaves floating, the sun is shining and warm. Its beautiful. I am thinking of buying a new rake today so the boys can rake up the leaves, but I doubt either of them will really want to do that. I personally would probably just leave them on the ground to turn into compost but Scott always rakes them up anyway. Plus it makes for great fall pictures! :)
Also in the coming days, there are going to be some major changes to this blog. I have been working/harassing another fellow blogger who does web design. She will be making the changes for me and I am totally excited. I am hoping she is finished by Monday but I gave her a lot of work to do so we'll see! I love the clean white layout to this blog right now but I wanted a change. I wanted color...brightness, and found someone who worked hard with me through numerous emails to figure out what I wanted. And I still don't think we are done. But if you see some changes happening over the weekend, don't be surprised. I will go more into the new design and layout and maybe even do a giveaway for another blogger who might want to give their blog a facelift!
Right now we do have a giveaway going on for the plated box. It was totally awesome to get all the ingredients in the mail for such yummy tasty dinners. If you haven't entered you can click right here and check it out....along with getting entered. 
I hope you guys have a beautiful and blessed day. I will be back this evening with my weekly food shopping and household shopping hauls. Come back and check them out! < br/ > < br/ >.