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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. I am back with another Erin Condren Openbox video with my first impressions. Who doesn't love Erin Condren!? I have done many EC videos already....that can be found right here but this time we are going over 2 different desk pads. There are so many different items I want to order but I went ahead and started with the desk pads because I am working on redoing our control center and wanted one of the pads for that. If you want to check them out along with my first impressions, enjoy the video below! More pictures and info below. 

I looked over thee website trying to find the kind of calendar that would work best for the chalkboard area in our home. The large calendars really wouldn't work with what I was wanting so I found this large desk pad that I thought would work really nice. Its 17 x 11 and you get 36 sheets. In between the monthly layout there are 2 doodle sheets where you can write out additional to do's and notes along with a little area where all of us doodlers can let loose! It costs $30 and you can find it right here. 

I really like the pad. The paper is thick, the color is brilliant and there is plenty of space. I also think the doodle pages between the months is genius and sooooo handy! I know this is intended for a desk but in our home, this beautiful large calendar is going on the wall. I will show you how I secure it when I do an updated command center video....stay tuned! 

I also decided I would try out one of the Erin Condren Weekly Schedule Pads. I thought this would maybe come in handy in many different ways. 

I thought at first it would be great to keep my blog/youtube/social media/ computer work on. Its hard keeping track of all the things that I have to do online each week. I then realized that even for our family I could just fill it out, tear it off the pad and hang it up where the entire family can see what is going on. 

Again its 17 x 11 and you get 36 sheets. It also costs $30 and you can find it here.  

One of the many things I love about Erin Condren is the bright friendly colors and how you can personalize your items. You can add your family picture if you choose and both of the pads is customized to your family name or whatever want. 

I have already started using these and love them so far. I think with the holidays coming up either or both of these would a great gift for anyone. Remember when ordering with Erin Condren there is normally a month wait. You can pay for expedited service but just remember to order early if its being given for a gift. If you are new to Erin Condren you can click right here.. create an account......check your email for your special code and you will get $10 off your first order! :) 

Let me know if you guys are interested in these! I am thinking of maybe doing a giveaway where 1 person can win the calendar and another the weekly schedule pad. Also let me know if you already have these and what you think about them. 

Have a beautiful and blessed day. ♥

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