Why I Should Have Stayed in Bed Today....

Monday, September 22, 2014
* I was woke up super super early with really bad news. 

* Husband thought today is his mid-life crisis time....and is making big changes.....Great.

* My WIR is not done yet. Not even close....don't expect that until tomorrow....sorry.

* The guys in my family are such smart guys who act so dumb...including my little Jackson. Why are the boys so far behind. Is there that big of a learning curve between the girls and guys? 

* I have got to clean up this house...somehow some way it is getting done today. 

* I joked with Jackson yesterday when I went to the convenient store and told him I went to my boyfriends just kidding around and now he thinks mom is picking another dad. It was a joke..damn.

* One of the older kids who is upset, keeps calling private and hanging up. Yea...I can see I won't be getting the mother of the year award. I wish he could just get the courage to talk to me. 

* I am in the mood to shoot off some serious emails but Scott is trying to convince me not to. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut but God knows I don't want to.

* The plans for this day are totally screwed up now. I mean totally. 

* Yesterday I got double billed on my credit card for something so that means minutes to hours of bullshit credit card phone conversations today. 

* My poor sister in law is on vacation and ourselves and family has bombarded her with our problems. Thank God she is tolerant and honest with us. I personally would be lost without her. But I feel bad for our contribution to a shitty start to her vacation. Sorry Trina. 

* Even thought today has already been a total mess, I am going to try to do what I need to do such as answer emails, clean the house fast, and work on the WIR post and just lean back and try to let things go right past me....easier said than done though. 

* I have no idea what is wrong with me right now. I can't sleep....eating is hard...and I have way too many thoughts bouncing around in my head. I seriously don't think I will be able to keep juggling things much longer. Plus my emotions are off the charts which helps nothing...nothing at all. 

* Even though we are in mid-afternoon I am still on coffee...not wine but I think I need to eat something before I get a massive headache.

* Chalkboard walls need updated.....just add that to the list. 

* Why can't we just pack up and move to south Florida? I am so ready....I just want to get all our shit together in a Uhal and just go towards the water. I am not giving up on that dream....watch me turn it into a reality.

* I feel like I need a little mini vacation by myself. Not that I don't love my husband or kids but it sure sounds really nice. I feel really overwhelmed with life right now in so many ways. Seriously....I need to get my head together but in the meantime I guess I can start with the house. 

* I am not a master of time management any longer. My schedule totally went out the window about a month ago and nothing has been the same since. I am going to try harder because I already know how to do it....just applying it right now is hard. 

* My beautiful roses are slowly dying. It feels like a metaphor for what I am feeling. Even though they are drooping over, they are still so beautiful. 

* I did manage to put on some makeup hoping not to look as bad as I feel. :) 

* This blog post took forever to write between phone calls and emails and such. So I am going to get my butt moving on the first floor and try to clean it up good but fast. The second floor is a total mess for maybe tomorrow. But we'll see. Scott said he would help later so I might just let him. 

I will be back when I can. I would love to upload a video but I doubt that is going to happen today. I swear I am trying to get things back to normal but they are so out of control right nowt that I can't make any promises. But I will be back in the groove in a few days...but in the mean time you will just have to live with random posts. 

I hope your day is going better than mine! Feel free to comment, rant. or anything else below! 

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