Thursday, September 4, 2014

Late night hello to you all! I don't know what is up with the late night blog posts but here I am.:) I am back with day 4 in the #blogeverydayinsept hosted byWhitney at Love Letters & List. Feel free to join up if you like!  Here's todays prompt.......         Thursday, Sept. 4: Who were your celebrity crushes from your childhood?

I grew up in the 80's and Bon Jovi was everywhere including plastered all over my walls in my bedroom. Gosh.. his songs touched me then as they still do now. I can remember so many nights just listening to his music and daydreaming that he was singing right to me. He was my pocket boyfriend in a sense....because he basically went everywhere with me. 

Andrew McCarthy was a another dreamy crush I had. Remember him from Sixteen Candles? Omg.. I loved his calm passive personality, I just wish we saw him more now in movies!

Robert Downey Jr. was also another heartthrob that I adored. I mean remember Less that Zero. Even though it was heartbreaking in the end, it sure made me take notice of the beautiful drug addicted man. He captured all of us back then and is still going. 
Those are my top 3! If you want to share your childhood heartthrobs, feel free to link up or leave them in the comments. Thanks for stopping by. 

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