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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Sunday friends. I hope you are having a great day. Its a slow start for me today but what's new about that? Scott and Jackson headed out to try out a new church. As I said before we keep trying to find the right church for our family. Scott is taking the lead and trying out different churches until he finds one he likes. Once that has happened, I will be going too. I just get tired bouncing church to church waiting on him to find one that he likes. So maybe today will be the day when he finds the right one. We come from very different spiritual paths. For me I was raised Baptist 1/2 the time and other half of the time, I was raised Catholic. I have only been baptized in the Catholic church but Scott was raised in the Methodist church. Since he doesn't want to become Catholic, I am letting him take the lead in finding our family the right church. Once he finds it, I am sure our lives will get even more busier than it already is! But we really do need to find one. And for those of you who think I should be going to test out the churches with him....don't worry. I will be going in time. 

So this past week. I have not felt so spirtiual myself.  I have felt behind and tired almost everyday. But in my exhausted state, I have been turning off the tv at night before I am ready to fall asleep....→ bringing me to a small calm space in time where I can pray more. ← So maybe all that exhaustion is still bringing me around in a full circle right back to God. I think everything brings us back to God. 

I have felt lost for weeks now. I just haven't been able to get on any kind of schedule, some days I feel neglected by my family and I am sure they would say the exact same on certain days. I feel lost about where I really want to live and when we will get there. I know my husband has felt lost too about where his work life is going. I think Jackson feels lost at times because not having both his birth parents in the same house. We are all lost around here. But we really are trying to let God guide us. I think with our busy lives that we all have in this home, we are all suffering from some kind of disconnection when more than anything we want to connect with God, each other, nature, all of it. And I think all of us wonders how our lives got so big, busy and loud. I know that if I/we are wondering off the beaten path and lost...God will find us and get us right back to where we need to be. When I was younger there was a lot more family time than what there is now. I know what I am striving for but have yet to reached it. But that does not mean give up. Instead, it means work harder for life we want. Scott and I have a dream for our family. And just because there are some road blocks that doesn't stop us from continuing to build that dream. It might slow us down but we continue to build upon the dream. I am not going to get into the dream itself because that would require a totally different long blog post but every family should have a plan, goal, dream....whatever you want to call it. And if you are as lost as I am right now...just know God will find you and lift you up. 

Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday.

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