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Sunday, September 14, 2014
I don't really know the direction I am suppose to be going at this exact moment. I struggle with figuring out where I actually belong. I have this beautiful family that I have been blessed with. I have a loving supportive mom but there are so many days I don't know which direction to go. Seriously.  I feel inside that changes are coming but not knowing what exactly what those changes are going to be. Which totally  drives me nuts. I have been trying to just let God lead me in the direction I need to go. Is that working?? Idk. I suppose I am exactly where I am suppose to be at this exact moment. That's what my head tells me. My heart doesn't exactly always follow suite. All the decisions each one of have made, has put us where we are now. Do you like where you are in life? I am trying to surrender my thoughts and feelings to God and be open enough to let him lead me. I always feel like I am stumbling off the path. But maybe all those stray wanderings was the right paths for me. Each path gave me new opportunities and new growth even in the hard times. I still struggle on a daily basis with my own personal worth and what I have to offer to the world. I use to think the plan, the one path, I had set up in my head as a little girl was the only way. Then once I got older and started to wander off that path, that I was done. It was too late. Life was over. My oldest son was having severe issues, I was a young mom and had no answers to really anyone to help. I think from the point he went to move in with his grandparents, I really wandered off the path. But again....maybe it was the right path. As I stumbled through the years with very little purpose, understanding, or any true direction, I learned a ton of lessons. All those lessons have made me a better person. Most days I still feel like the black sheep stumbling down a narrow curvy path but now I feel like I have a little more understanding. I understand that God leads the way. My plans are easy to make...and most of the time easy to follow but God's plans are always so much harder to see and follow. When a experience pops up that I know is going to be uncomfortable or hard, I go the opposite direction most of the time. And now I feel that is God trying to help me grow through those hard times on that path. I bet many of you can look back and see how a bad situation actually taught you many lessons. Simply put:

We are not ourMistakes

Instead they are our souls lessons. Those lessons can lead you down paths you never dreamed of. Not all paths are always so nice but you will learn with each turn you take. I hope for each one of you who reads this blog post, that you know that your path is outlined by God himself. Try to surrender and follow where he wants you to go. Listen to your soul in moments of silence. Even though the path might seem all screwed up, God really is lighting it up for your soul. I promise you this is true. I promise. 
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