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Saturday, September 6, 2014
Hello friends.....happy Saturday to you all. I have been at my desk working since the moment I opened my eyes. I thought I would take a break from all the paperwork and such and come share some random Saturday thoughts...hope you enjoy. 

* Jackson's little friend stayed the night and both are zoned out on video games. Its a beautiful day and the boys want to play mind craft instead. 

* I did make a run to the post office this morning and checked the mail. I plan on having a video up this next week showing what has arrived. :) Those videos are always so fun! 

* I have been thinking about Shannon and his death...which is really sad. Its awful for his parents and I know its really hard on the rest of the family. I just hope where ever he is, he is at peace and watching over his loved ones. 

* I think one of my neighbors is a peaking Tom. He said a couple things to me that pretty much implied he might be actually looking in our windows. It totally freaked me out and the blinds on the first floor have been closed every since. O..M..G → see why I hate the neighbors. There is only 1 set of neighbors that I actually like and trust...the rest not so much.

* I had the most relaxing day at the nail salon yesterday. I started out going to one local nail salon a while back. I wasn't happy at all with the service or my nails but I gave it a second chance. Still wasn't happy and then a nail broke. So I start looking around for another salon and found one much closer and its been really nice. I had a pedicure, got my nails done and even had my eyebrows done and was totally happy when I walked out. I don't get a ton of pedicures but I needed one this time....and I enjoyed every minute! With my nails, they are as long as the acrylics so next time, they are coming off and we are jut putting a overlay on them. Why is it that my nails grow so much faster under the fake nails....I don't know. 

* Jackson and Zach are going to the skating rink tonight on their own which scares me to death. They both have phones and both are getting older. 12 years old is about the age I started going a few places without my parents but I am going to to worry the entire time. 

* We got a new stove! Its electric...nothing too fancy but its much better than the one we have. For some reason it decides on its own when it will work or not so out it went, and in came the new one! Totally happy about it! 

* I think its about time to make some homemade bird feeders. When the cooler weather does show up, its going to be harder on them to find food. Now is the time to start getting ready for the cooler months. That even means cleaning out the garage which I hate with a passion. Lets hope I can talk Scott into doing it for me! 

* I am slowly... I mean slowly getting back on schedule. Its been really hard trying to get back into the school swing. Its been a challenge to get earlier dinners on the table, homework done and showers much earlier than what we were doing over the summer. Here in SC it still feels like summer to us so its even harder to go back to a strict routine. 

* Every animal in our house is sound asleep. Cooper is even snoring. Don't they know what time it is!? 

* The ex wife is at it again. Most of the time she excludes Scott out of his sons life....but when Zane is in trouble, Scott is called and suppose to be the bad guy. What a bunch of bullshit. Is it too early for a glass of wine!? 

* Iyanla Vanzant has her season premier on OWN tonight. Guess what its about? A man with 34 children by 17 different women. Holy shit... hes been busy. 

I'm not going to miss it. Bad thing is.. the guys kinda cute and clearly able to get the women. He needs snipped. Can't wait to watch it! There's also a new episode of Dr. Poll... on netgeo that I can't wait to watch! 

* Its time to clean the chalkboard wall and start a new week. I got two to clean now but I totally love I'm not complaining. Its a bit of a work out though cleaning the big one! 

* I pretty much have no idea how Jackson is doing in school. I use to be able to email the teachers daily about his work and behavior but now not so much. I guess no news is good news...right??? Idk. but I hope and pray he is doing everything he is suppose to be doing. 

* I was hoping it would rain a little so I wouldn't have to go outside and water plants. So far.. no rain. 

* I am thinking tonight with the boys going to the skating rink it would be a good unexpected date night for Scott and myself. Most the time I am completely wore out as he walks in the door. So maybe tonight he won't have to work late and we can have some time together. One can hope! 

I hope you guys are having a great afternoon. I will be back in a bit with a new video that I want to share. Let me know how you are doing today if you care to share. 
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