Planning Session: How I Plan every week & the Supplies I use + a lot more! VIDEO & Corresponding Blog Post

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello friends! Last night I filmed and posted this planner video to my main youtube channel. Seeeee....there's a reason for subscribing to my yt channels as well as my blog because it went live last night where as this blog post is the following day! :) Anyway, I wanted to share it with you guys last night because Sundays is when I do a lot of my planning and it is also the start of a new month today. I thought I would walk you through most of the supplies I like to use and how I decorate and organize my monthly view as well as my weekly view. I show you everything in the video and if there is a product you are interested in, you should be able to find the link below...with a bunch of other planner info! Hope you enjoy.

I know I showed you a lot in the video. I also know for someone who doesn't like to plan it might be a little much. BUT...that is why I am suggesting one day a week where you write down all your appointments and plans along with things you need to accomplish. Then as you start each day, glance at it and make sure you are sticking to plan. If you are a overworked over whelmed mom, I promise this little bit of extra work, will give you more time than what you have now. If you are a student, I promise writing everything out will keep you on track with all your assignments. If you are a stay at home wife, a planner will make keeping your home nice and tidy easier and keep your home life organized and easier all the way around. I simply don't see any reason not to have a planner of some sorts to help guide you through your days. 

There are so many planners on the market these days. You have to find one you love. For the past couple of years I have been using a Erin Condren Life Planner. If you are interested in mine you can click here to check out my open box video and blog post but you can also click here to get started with your order! I also have a ton of Erin Condren planner accessories but I tend to use the coil clips the most. Totally love them! 

I also use a Dymo Label Maker. I don't use it a lot though in the monthly or weekly layout anymore but I do use it in random places throughout the planner. I found mine at $30 but you can also find it right here if you are interested in ordering it. 

Instead of goopy white out or those tapes that always get tangled up I prefer to use the  Post it Full Adhesive Label Roll to cover any mistakes or changes I need to make in my planner. I love this and it works really well. I found this roll again at Walmart but you can click right here and go right to it.

I also use to use the Avery Color Coding Labels in the monthly view of my planner as I showed in the video. But I kinda switched things up but I still like to use these from time to time through out the planner to mark important dates and appointments. 

Cute post it notes are a must for me! It just makes using my planner a lot more fun and inspiring. I found these right here along with a few others that haven't came in yet! I also found these adorable kitty to do notes that I love to use also.

I really love these Washi Checklist Stickers that I found here on etsy. As you will see within this blog post is a great place to get items for your Erin Condren Life Planner or any planner for that matter. These are great for busy days when you have a lot to put in one of the little boxes in the weekly layout. This gives you a to do list style that is super cute! 

Habit Stickers..What can I say!? I loooove habit stickers. I found them right here and I have mine broke down by morning, afternoon, and night. I actually ordered new ones because our dog is on new medication and I need to make sure I remember to give it to him. These are specially made and color designed to match the Erin Condren life planner colors. You just go down it one by one and check them off as you accomplish each task. Totally in love with these. 

Weather stickers. I am someone who likes to know the weather ahead of time. For years I just wrote the weather forcast each day in my planner but I found these wonderful weather stickers right here that I am now using instead! I love knowing if I need to dress Jackson for rain or if its going to be a super windy day where I need to secure the patio furniture...and so on.

These stickers are part of a starter kit that you can find here. I love how many I got and I use these a lot however you have to use a marker that will stand out since these are so thick and textured. 

Washi tape. Who doesn't love it. I find washi tape all over. Every big store such as Walmart and Target carry it and I also got a ton of them from this shop on etsy. I love using this kind of tape to brighten up the pages and to make important dates stand out. The thin roll of the kitty washi tape came from right here. 

I also use larger tape that is super easy to find at your local stores. I found this cute 3m tape as well as the cute Mini Mouse tape below at my local Wamart. 

How cute its that tape!? 

I also use these colored index cards through out my planner in different places. I love these and I found them at my local Walmart. They look great with the colors in my life planner. 

I also use a selction of pens and markers which I showed you in the video. My favorite is the muti colored pack of  Paper Mate Flairs. Its a big set of colored felt tip pens that work really nice. If you are someone who likes to color code these are a must. I don't color code but I still love them! 

I also love these Dashboard pockets to hold random items throughout my planner. They have a ton of designs....which you can find right here. 
I hope giving you a look into how I plan each week - really each day - gives you some ideas and inspiration to get your planner to make your life a little bit easier. I couldn't live without a calendar or planner. It pretty much guides me in every direction I need to take on a daily basis. And as life pops up with unexpected things, I have room int he bottom box of my weekly view to jot down some notes about the day! 

Let me know if you have any questions and also let me know if you would like to see more planning sessions. Maybe I could show you how I set up and decorate each month.....just an idea! 

Planning doesn't have to be hard or complicated. It does require a little time but it really pays off in the end....I promise. Have a beautiful and blessed day. 

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