New Computer = Total Life Shut Down

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Hello friends! I have been so consumed with life here lately that I am failing short on almost everything. No joke.Everything. Pretty much things started out good on Monday until Scott gave me the ok to go get a new computer. Since then the week has been completely a mess. Trying to transfer files and get a new computer set up has been totally exhausting. Then once I got it set up....I quickly realized how much I hated the one I purchased. It was a touch screen laptop that simply would not work with google chrome. Nope. I also got my first taste of Windows 8 and let me just sucks. Truly it sucks. I was up till after 5am trying everything I could think of to get it working the way I needed so this morning I got my butt up and headed right to Best Buy to exchange it. I even took in my old one and showed them what I was coming from. The first laptop was super small which I hated so they exchanged it and today has been forever setting up this new laptop. However, I am pretty happy at this point and finally feel settled into the new computer. Its been one hell of a process but I think I am finally back to normal computer wise. My older laptop does still work but it was having problems with the SD Card Reader and CD drive. So now its the house computer and I have this one. Yea!!! Thank you to my husband for the new gift. I sure wasn't expecting it. I don't think he expected for me to basically be non existent for 3 days but hey...what are you going to do? I basically work from home and need to have a computer that is set up right so that takes time. I did take a break yesterday to do our weekly shopping and that video should have went live on here yesterday but it is live on my channel and I will have that up tomorrow. I have so much going on inside my head...things to catch up on.. → Here they are...
Kisha's Catch ups
  • Work on getting the house cleaned up seriously needs my attention. 
  • Post food haul tomorrow.....which should have went live on here today.
  • Cook an actual meal....ha! New computer trumped me being in the kitchen. Its been takeout the last couple of nights. 
  • Get use to this new keyboard....sigh.
  • Spend more time with the boys....yes, I have been neglectful and somewhat grumpy. 
  • Respond to emails.....sorry if you are waiting on me. 
  • Call best friend....just couldn't handle calls today after spending two hours on the phone with HP and then going back to Best Buy and finding another computer. I'm all done in the verbal communication department tonight. I also need to call and check in on my sister. 
  • Clean out purse and bag....the bag that travels from the 1st to 2nd floor that is full of shit that I dont need to carry around all the time. 
  • I still need to call the Vet and get Coopers meds refilled. Please God, don't let me forget to do that tomorrow.
  • Sometime by the end of the week, I need to put up all the clothes sitting around in baskets waiting on me. 
  • Try to stay awake long enough to finish my night time prayers. I hope God fills in the blanks when I drift off to sleep. 
  • Speaking of sleep...get to sleep before 5am tonight. I seriously need to get back on some kind of schedule. 
  • Update Planner...I'm scared to see how much I actually have to make up by the weekend.
  • Clean the litter boxes.....maybe I can pay Jackson to do it! :)
I plan on getting things done down here on the first floor for morning and then go enjoy a long bath. I seriously need to relax. I finally feel a little better that this computer is finally set up and now on to real life. I hope you had a great day...and I will be back around tomorrow!
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