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Friday, September 12, 2014
Hello friends! I hope you are getting along good with your Friday! I am back with a new Mail Call Video for you a new updated What's in my PO Box. These videos are always so fun because who doesn't love getting packages in the mail. :) All of the samples I received I shared with you I hope some of you guys got them too. Also thank you for all the personal letters. I don't always feel right about sharing those but thank you and I will respond soon. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks I don't ever expect anyone to send me anything. Never. But I do love your handwritten letters. There is something so special about actually letters using pen and paper. I cherish them all and just didn't feel appropriate sharing your life stories and circumstances with the world without permission. And even still....I probably wouldn't share it. I value our relationships and if you trust in me to send me a personal will remain between us. Thank you so much Tasha for sending me the towel and dishrags. That was totally sweet of you and I love them. You are such a sweet friend. Thank you so much are simply the best!
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