Friday Letters

Friday, September 26, 2014
Dear God, 
Well this certainly wasn't my week. I am sure that I could have handled things better. I should have remembered what my Grandma Mary once said to me → Half the things you worry about never loose the anxiety. ← I should have remembered that. 
Dear Self, 
You seriously need to get your shit together. Nothing I am doing is turning out the way I want so clearly I need to try something else. Maybe more mediation/focus/and even maybe yoga would help. And a new therapist who can help sort out my full dysfunctional family 
Dear Scott,
I am sorry for being such a pain in the ass the last few days. I don't always agree with you and I don't always like your decisions but I do love you. I hope one day we can look back and just realize it was just a blink in time that we got past. 
Dear Romeo,
I get on here and always tell everyone want an amazing kitty cat you are. However, how could they ever know how great you are without meeting you!? They can't... but I know that you are such an amazing cat that everyone falls in love with you at first site. 
Dear Laci, 
Thank you for your heartfelt talks. I love you and appreciate you advice. 
Dear Body,
You have got to get over this cold or whatever is going on with you. I feel sick and as day leads into evening and night, I feel worse. Not sure why but I think the cooler weather is messing with me. 
Dear Shanna,
Thank you for always being such a great friend to me. I love you and value your opinion. I'd seriously be lost without you. 
Dear Jordan,
I like you calling. I just wish you would say hi. There is nothing to fear...nothing at all. 
Dear Autumn,
You showed up kinda fast. I thought I was ready for you but the truth is...I am not. I have so much to do and cooler days just make it a little bit harder to climb out of the bed in the mornings. 
Dear Blog,
I am sorry I have ignored you. I have been kinda sick, not feeling good in other ways and just needed some time off. But I am slowly trying to get things back to normal. Please be patient with me. 
Dear Cooper,
You are doing better and better on your workouts. I know it sucks but we are doing it to make you feel better in the long run. Soon it will be half your normal serving of dog food and half green beans. Hopefully that will help fill you up and help you loose weight. 
Dear Brittany,
I love you and glad you are having a great time in school so far. I am very proud of your grades....but I still want those passwords! 
Dear House,
Even though, I hope to get you more cleaned up in the coming days, I also hope to decorate and record a video of our fall decorations. 
Dear Action Jackson, 
You wear me out so much! I love you dear boy but I do think you have to mature a little more and try to understand that life is not so scary. Take more chances and stop being so afraid. 
Dear Mom,
I am not sure what is going on with you but I wish you would just get yourself normal again. 
Dear Nails,
After having you done today, my fingers are so sore. I had the acrylics taken off because my nails have grown really well under but that process was not so easy. My fingernails hurt like hell tonight. 
Dear Blog&Youtube Friends,
I know I have been MIA for a few days. Trust me....its been for the best. I have been emotionally upset at times, tired a lot, and not feeling good at all so I took a break. I am trying to get back on schedule but Scott is home during the days right now so its a little more complicated. I don't know why its harder to get things done when he is home. I will explain all that in time but he is home and happy right now making it even harder to get on schedule. Just hang in there with me and I will get things back to normal asap. 

 I hope you have a great night. 

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