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Friday, September 12, 2014

Dear God, Thank you for all the beauty you showed me this week. In the midst of crazy days that turn into even crazier nights, you have shinned the light of hope in me. I feel you living inside me.Dear Scott,  I totally appreciate how hard you work for me...for us... for our family. Thank you so much for the new computer and camera. I totally wasn't expecting it but very grateful. Even through our hard times, I continue to love you and hope that we have many many more years together. Dear Ray Rice,What a piece of shit you are. Truly. If I was your mom, I would seriously be too ashamed to admit you were my child. When did it become ok to hit a woman in the face like that. She might have forgave you and married you but...one thing is for sure...You are a woman beater and will do it again. You should be taken right to jail...no passing go, no collecting $200 dollars, Dear Romeo, Are you really even a cat? I feel like you are some kind of Buddhist Monk in a kitty cat body. You are so loving and calm that I doubt your heart rate ever goes up. Everyone in the house worships you. Your our family mascot!Dear Shannon,  I have been thinking about you a lot since you have died. I know Laci is struggling as well as the rest of your family. I think death is probably the most beautiful experience but the pain that is left for the ones still here can simply be devastating. We miss you. Dear Brittany Belle, Your growing up so fast. I love being able to have actual real conversations with you. You might be a little drama queen but you are amazing and I love you so very much. Dear HouseI finally feel kinda caught up with you. Yesterday I was working like a maniac around here trying to make up for all the things I didn't do at the beginning of the week. I swear...I don't think having a larger house is all that awesome when I am mainly the one doing the cleaning. But thank you for keeping us comfortable and safe. Dear Jordan, Do you really think I haven't known it was you with the blog and phone calls. Do you really think I care about those things? I don't...I care about how you feel and I wish you would just call and speak. I know we could have the relationship that we both have been wanting for a long time. Scott won't interfere.....he knows how long I have been waiting on you. I hope with each passing year you mature a little more and realize family is more important than anything else.Dear Cooper, You really are a sweet well mannered dog but if you don't stop wandering off, you are going to have to be on a lead every second you are outside. You scare us to death when we don't know where you are. Dear Jackson, I am so very proud of you for those great grades on your test. I have all the confidence in the world that you can do really well this year and all the years after. Sorry mommy sucks at math but that's Scott's department. I want you to remember you can always always talk to me about anything. Dear Dad,  I think about you all the time. I walk around talking to you like you are right here and I even play old western movies around the house at random times for you to watch. Is it crazy that I feel so connected to you even now that you are not here any longer? Maybe so, but I believe in my ♥ you here me, you see me, and you watch those damn old movies I can't stand! I love you dad and when its my time, I want you to be one of the people bringing me over to the other side. Come see me in my dreams.Dear TrinaThank you for being such a great supportive sister over the years. I know the boys think we sit around and talk about them nonstop...they really shouldn't flatter themselves. :) I actually need to talk to you today...if you read this before I call you...call me!Dear Charter, We pay you so much every month and have every channel offered to man kind plus the fastest internet so could you please explain to me that half the time we can't find anything worth watching besides expensive on demand movies? What a racket.Dear Laura, I am so happy you are blogging and making videos. I know it might be a little slow at first but you seem like a natural so stick with it! Its such a great way to document your life in our new internet world and its also a great way to make lots of new friends. Dear Mom, I am glad you are having such a good time in Florida. I have to admit....I'm kinda jealous! Love you.  Asshole Neighbor, I know you were looking in our windows and I am still totally flipped out about it. You might be a nice guy to my husband but I know you are a freaking pervert and I am keeping the blinds closed a lot more. Thanks a lot....I like the sun. You are exactly the reasons I don't neighbors.Dear Grandma, I think it time I checked on you. The number I keep calling for Uncle Buddy is not working but I will call soon. I know you think I forgot you... I will never will forget you. I just hate trying to make you speak when its so hard for you. But, maybe I could just speak and give you some updates and remind you that I love you very much. Dear Body, You are changing. I have more aches and pains and realize I probably should have taken a little better care of you through out my 38 years. I am just hoping some modern medicine can fool my body into feeling younger and better. Dear Shanna, I sure wish I could be there for your big day. I feel like I should just rent a car and come up there. I miss you and I love you. You are such a true friend. You always want the best for me and I would be lost without you. Dear 9/11 Victims, Survivors, All of us in the United States mourned you yesterday. I have to admit, I was scared something awful would happen again but Gods grace kept us safe. I pray for all of you.Dear Bed, You felt amazing this morning. I kept waking up and looking at the clock and then snuggling back under the covers...I was totally in a fluffy amazing cloud.Dear Youtube, Thanks for being so screwed up this week. Maybe it was the change in computers...idk, but I had to re - upload 3 videos due to processing issues..you guys are too smart to let bullshit happen like that. Dear Laci, Don't forget to call me today. I love you. Blog/Youtube Friends, I hope you guys had a great week and even better weekend. I think we should all try to enjoy the last days of long summer days and cooking on the grill....winter is going to be here before we know it. Thank you for coming back around day after day and sharing our lives. 

Have a great Friday. I'll be back soon!

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