Evening Edition: Friday Letters

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday letters is going live a little later tonight but it's been a busy day! I hope you enjoy. 

Dear God, I am still trying to figure out what your plans are for me. I swear I wish I knew what was ahead but maybe its best that I don't. I really want to live the best loving happy life that I can. Please walk me through it....easily. 

Dear Self, You have to get feeling better. I am not sure what is going on with you but maybe its time for a check up with a Dr. Plus a true schedule might help too.

Dear Jackson, I love you and I am sorry when I said that your midterm could be better. I wasn't trying to just be negative and not talk about the good grades. I did point out the A's & B's and said how proud I was of you but the low C needs to be brought up. Simple as that.

Dear Romeo, I don't understand why you want to sleep with me if you are only going to meow at the door as soon as you hear the boys up. No wonder I don't sleep well. You will always be the coolest cat in the house. 

Dear Laura, I am so happy you are blogging and I love it. I also know its not easy writing a blog post with 2 babies running around the house all day. Just figure out a time when things are calm and go for it! Sometimes you have to plan beloved....even though you hate it!

Dear NFL, You guys are a joke. All you care about is your players making you money. The world is showing you how wrong you are and even with your little afternoon conference today, I still think you have a long way to go. The world is changing. You are never going to be smarter than the internet and social media. When the world points out to you that its wrong to keep a player who punched his wife in the face is totally unacceptable, you still don't take accountability for the bullshit you guys have done. At least your trying to clean it up now but the boys club needs some major changes.....and fast. 

Dear Brittany, I miss you. I wish more than anything we could all live in the same city. Get your daddy to move his butt to Florida! Don't forget to call me tonight.

Dear house, Simple as that. I am trying to take time each day to make you better. I know falling off schedule sure did not help you out in anyway but in time, I will have things cleaned up again.

Dear Scott, Thanks for getting things handled today. I can always count on you and I know that. I love you a lot and I am sorry if I bitch too much. You know how crazy things can get around here....sorry if it sometimes comes out on you. 

Dear Mom, I am happy the family is coming to visit you. I am sure you guys will have a great time together. Love and miss you. 

Dear September, I know we are about to have a harsh winter with your cooler temperatures. I just know it. You have been cooler than expected in our beautiful South Carolina and we are all starting to get colds. Its time for long sleeves and more warm drinks. 

Dear Life, Sometimes you just confuse the shit out of me. I really am trying so why does everything feel so off right now? I wish I knew the answer. I am trying to keep up but falling short a lot...and just want things back to a clam normal. 

Dear dad, I know you know that I miss you. I often smell your pipe burning and know its not my imagination. I feel you around a lot. I carry you in my heart everywhere I go. 

Dear the View, You guys seriously need to buy the ladies a larger table. I think the set is awful and needs fixed. So far, I can actually say I like all the ladies. But they need a larger table. 

Dear Roses, You are so beautiful and smell amazing. There is a story that goes along with them and maybe I will get a married life post up in time about them. But they are stunning and I love looking at them.  

Dear sleep, What has happened to you? I totally miss you and last night was the first night I actually slept well. I need to you to be better...and its so hard for me to fall asleep at a reasonable hour. 

Dear Youtube, You messed with me for the first 3 days of the week. Thanks a lot. I use you way to much for you to be screwed up. 

Dear Cooper, So far with the change in diet and added medicine you have been feeling better! Yea! We love you and just want you to be happy and healthy. 

Dear Shanna, Thanks for calming me down last night. You are such a true friend and I love you with all my heart.  

Dear Sunset,Simple  You are beautiful tonight. Simply beautiful and totally warms my soul. Nature is so beautiful and I always feel God when in it. 

Dear Trina,Thank you for always being someone I can count on... I love you very much. 

Dear Laci,Thank you I worry about you a lot. I know you are busy but make time to call your sister more. Love you! 

Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, Thank you guys for all your love and support over the years. I am sorry if I neglected you guys over this past week. Please know, its not because that's what I want. I would love nothing more than for things to run smoothly where I can blog anytime. But right now I am having trouble getting it together. I promise to do better and thanks so much for the emails sent in checking on me... I love you guys. 

Have a beautiful Saturday! 

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