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Friday, September 19, 2014
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Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a great day. I thought I would do a quick check in and say hi since I have been so off schedule here lately. You guys know I love my blog. I sincerely do. I would never just neglect this blog if things were not going crazy in my life. Youtube has totally messed up on me... I have no idea why even with my massive googling skills! I am on a new computer that I am not so use to yet and maybe its my video editing software but I have uploaded my WIR video 12 times and its been messed up every time like old tv with the lines going through it. It has totally drove me crazy. 

Really I am having schedule problems. With all the technical issues I have been having...everything else is a mess. My head just does not balance things well. When one thing....and that could be anything go off schedule, rogue, or unexpected....and nothing else falls in place from that point on.  To go even further, the first part of the week was not so easy for Scott and I. Bickering comes after 10 years together......but the last couple of days have been much better. Honestly, because I think I surrendered to it all. I just gave some sleep....actually lots of afternoon and evening naps and let it go. 

Yesterday I felt pretty good most of the day only to wake up this morning super early with a pounding headache. My right eye had so much pressure behind it and would not stop watering. I laid around for a long while and then finally felt well enough to go see Scott at work. There is something about me that wants him very near when I am not feeling good. Being he couldn't come home to me, I went to him. Thankfully he was not busy and I was able to spend close to an hour just hanging out and talking. On my way home, I stopped and picked up some more meds....along with a couple new makeup items. I also got some lunch so the meds don't make me sick. So here I am...slowly feeling better otherwise I would not be on here. My best friend is battling the flu but thankfully I don't think I am dealing with that and I really want her to start feeling better too. 

I have no idea what is going on with me. Seriously. Every since we got back from vacation and started back up the new school year, everything in my life has went to shit. Every night I tell my husband that maybe tomorrow I will start to get back on some kind of schedule. Yea...N-O-T. In fact the other night I fell asleep unexpected with all the lights on, nothing was ready for Jackson for the next morning, the garage was unlocked and no alarm coffee ready...nothing. Guess what? When I woke up the next morning Scott and Jackson made it through the morning anyway and thankfully we didn't get robbed or killed! It just proved that when necessary, Jackson can get his own stuff made and Scott can make coffee. :)

Last night I managed to get dinner done at a reasonable time and even made time to edit a video while watching a movie with Scott. I got a little special time in with Jackson too. So maybe tonight I actually held my head above the water instead of another sinking night. Maybe tomorrow I can get even more on schedule. Each day I hope to get a little closer to getting back to normal. 

Plans to get my shit together & To Dos
  • Get on regular schedule....morning and night. god willing. 
  • get dinner on the table before 7pm.
  • get back to weekly cleaning....totally off schedule w/ everything
  • write out the schedule i want to keep and try to follow it.
  • get cooper back on his workout schedule too.
  • figure out the phones and get them all working right. alltel is switching things up.
  • watch night time caffeine intake.
  • balance blogging, videos, home & Family better. Yea...I totally suck at it. totally.
  • Take less/make less calls throughout the day so i can get more done.
  • check upcoming birthday's and buy cards to send out. i totally forgot to call a important family member on his birthday yesterday....gotta do better.
  • back off on so much wonder I cant get shit done when cnn has all my attention.
  • don't add more to the schedule....i need to start off with baby steps. 
  • try not to let the rain make me lazy. 
  • time to start working on the grocery list....almost time to go shopping.
  • find the computer i really really want. this one is not it.
  • try to get boys to put up their own laundry...a battle i keep loosing.
  • make family dr appointment....flu shots for everyone! don't need Jackson bringing home some disease from you.
 That's about all I can think about right now...I should be back with Friday Letters and a new video later today...stay tuned 

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