Week in Review w/ DITL Vlog: August 11 - 17, 2013

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great Monday. I am kinda running late with this post/video because I was really sick yesterday and just didn't feel like working on it last night. I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our weekend. I also vlogged a little each day which you can see in the video below. I have been trying to move all my video's to my main channel including the vlogs but for right now I am uploading them to both channels. I think that is the best way to do it right now but eventually they will probably all move to my housewife life main youtube channel. I hope you don't mind but I have been trying to figure out a way to make everyone happy. I don't expect you to watch them twice but now you will be able to find my vlogs on both channels. 
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Here is my vlog from this past week. I recorded some each day.. and I will have all the travel vlogs on my glam gossip channel throughout this week. ... hope you enjoy!

This past week:
The beginning of the week went off without any major problems. We are still working with Cooper trying to get him healthy and I had a ton to do to get ready to leave him with the housesitter before heading out to Myrtle Beach for our mini vacation before the new school year starts. I spent a couple of days packing our stuff and getting ready. Its amazing how much stuff one family needs to take with them for vacation! The day before we were to leave, we had to go register Jackson at his new school. I have to admit, I didn't like how long it took but....I do appreciate all the time the teachers and staff took to go over each class with each parent individually. It took a lot longer but I think they really were trying to get to know their students along with the parents a little before school started and they also wanted to let us all know what to expect. So no complaining...I totally understand but just didn't expect to be at school 2 hours that evening! 

Wednesday night I finally finished everything and was ready to head to the beach. The big kids came in the night before and got a few hours sleep before they were off too. We all had to drive separate because their was too many of us to fit in one car but we all had to head in different directions to head home. Also for the first time ever, agreed to take along one of Jackson's friends so he would have someone to play with while we were there. 

Once we got to our resort the fun started! The boys were allowed to roam the resort without adults only if they were together. I have to admit, I was really nervous....not only for my son but also for the little boy I was looking after. However, they did an amazing job during the entire vacation. I was shocked at how well they got along and how well they followed the rules. We had many dinners together, watched the ocean together, played together and us girls even had a wonderful spa day. Seriously.. I think we all were ready to act like crackheads when they told us our procedures were over. I was totally willing to hand over all my cash to that lady if she just kept going! :) And I know Laci and Laura felt exactly the same way! Laura's husband Jerred was actually really good with the boys. They loved him and loved messing with him. Scott and I both have watched Jerred grow up over the past 5 years and I am proud of how well he is taking care of our daughter and his kids. He's a family man and I really am thankful for that no matter if he acts like a bozo at times! :) Laci and Brian also had a lovely time together. Brian made a little time to go see a old friend in the area while we were getting pampered at the spa. Scott loved playing the resort golf courses every morning and walks on the beach. Laura, Laci and the boys all went to a comedy club Saturday night while I got some rest. I got really scared when I was on a Ferris wheel and ended up taking a Xanax right there on the ride, knowing damn well it wouldn't take effect while I was twirling around in the air. Laura was so sweet trying to calm me down. I thought I could handle it but Scott wasn't with me and I thought Laura and I might just die together right then. Yea.. I got it.. never do that again ever. :) 

We got home yesterday evening and I had to work super hard to get everything unpacked, laundry started and then I had to get things done for Jackson to start school today. It was a long time before I was able to hit the bed only to get up at 7am for Jackson's first day of school. I was so tired that I didn't even get a picture of him today before leaving. Actually that probably made him really happy but I am going to take one tomorrow to make up for it! 

I know today's WIR is not as full in pictures or content but I am going to get a slide show together of all the photos taken that should show up in a couple days. I am tired and trying to get back in the groove of things however, I am not even doing my weekly cleaning today. Nope. I still have a busy day ahead of me and I just don't have time. 

  • Wait for Jackson to get home and then go get his new glasses
  • Clean house tomorrow and makeup for today. 
  • Get more wall decorations from the garage and finally hang them up. 
  • Try to not flip out over one of Scotts Co-workers. I already had trouble with her once and now she is back at it only in a different way. Thank God I am working on my temper or I would have already been there. Scott shouldn't have to work with such trouble makers. 
  • Back Cooper off 1/2 of his seizure meds...2 pills seem to be too much for him. 
  • Mail Brittany's souvenirs from Myrtle Beach
  • Need to make time to work in my planner....just couldn't do it last night. 
  • Clean out my messy, sandy, purse from vacation.
  • Respond to comments and emails through out the week.
  • Work on editing Travel Vlogs. 
  • Get cats groomed up. 
  • Go to the grocery store Tuesday or Wednesday...unless I can work with what we have until the weekend...We'll see. 
  • Go to the post office box and pick up the pile of mail waiting on me. 
  • Try to get a quick cleanup of the car done and clean the top. 
  • Star looking for another Louisville Bed and Breakfast to try out over Christmas. Laura and Jerreds baby is due mid December and we are heading up there to be with all the kids this year for the holidays. 

Here's some inspiration to take along with you through the week...

I hope you have a great evening! Sorry this is up so late...its been a long day. 

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