Wednesday Hodgepodge!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Wednesday Friends! Time for another Wednesday Hodgepodge with Joyce from over at From This Side of the Pond ....this is always such a fun linkup.. join in anytime! Hope you enjoy. 

1. What would you say is the key to success?

I think the only way you are going to be successful is actually to find something you love doing. To be succesful you have to do a lot of work, and the only way to stick with it is finding something you really enjoy and working hard. I don't think many who are successful do something they hate. 

2. Have you ever been to the Florida Keys? Any desire to visit that part of the US of A?

Been there many times! I have lived in Florida off and on for years. Its beautiful but super busy. I would love not only a visit but pack our life up here and move there! 

3. When and where did you last see a real live donkey? Monkey? Turkey?

I saw each a couple of weekends ago at The Greenville Zoo in SC. It was such a lovely day... if you wan to check out the animals listed along with many many's a video of our day trip. The zoo starts at 20:11.

4. An old Portuguese proverb says, 'Beware of the door with too many keys.'What do you think this means? Share an example of how this has proven true or false in your own life

I think it means...take the most effective path in everything that has less steps... because too many steps may confuse you like a door that has too many keys. In my life this applies when I am having a super busy day and not following my schedule. Normally when that happens I have a ton of things going on at once making it hard to accomplish anything. Its like having too many irons in the fire at one time. In those times I normally get stressed out and frazzled wishing I had been able to stick to some kind of schedule. 

5. Besides your home, vehicle, and special jewelry, what is something you keep under lock and key?

We keep a lot of our important papers locked up. I would rather have them safe and sound than have to worry about it. Birth Certificates, Passports, and a lot of the that kind of stuff is secure in our home. I also lock up my computer and phones. I don't want someone being able to just get on my devices with ease. No thank you! Even though I blog and make videos I still like some form of privacy. 

6. When did you last get keyed up about something?

I have been sick the past few days. I went to the ER and had to wait. Well, I wasn't dying per say... but I sure felt like I was. I looked like a crazy person and the pain in my stomach was getting so bad that I was crying standing up pretty much demanding to my husband that he walk me back to where the rooms and Dr were no matter if they were ready for me or not. That didn't happen though and I ended up laying in a bunch of chairs until they could finally take me. I know I wasn't more important than anyone else there but with the pain I was having I was going insensate. Sorry to be blunt but my husband actually said to me that I looked like a complete crazy bitch that day. However, I did treat the wonderful Dr.'s and Nurses like my best friends because they were actually helping me. It was really my husband who experienced the crazy woman so I guess he can have an opinion! :)

7. Who thinks we need an easy one right about now?  Key lime pie...yes please or no thank you?

No thank you! I am just not a fan of anything Key Lime! 

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Its been a busy week so far with being sick... Jackson coming back home from his dads...back to school shopping...lots and lots of appointments....even a last minute back to school Myrtle Beach trip that we are in the middle of planning right now. Its crazy. I am just starting to feel better and get everything I can done. I think Summer sped by a little faster this year but I am excited for the new 2014-2015 school year. It feels like a new year to me. Honestly it feels like a new year more than New Years Day to me. Its a fresh start and I hope all the kids have a wonderful school year. And I hope the parents surivie it! Have a beautiful and blessed Wednesday! 

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