☼ Myrtle Beach Travel Vlog | Part 2 | ☼

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. I am still trying to find my motivation since coming home from vacation! Today I am back with the 2 travel vlog from Myrtle Beach. It really was a lovely time. First I do want to say, the resort looked a lot nicer online...which is normal. The villa was nothing too fancy and I didn't like it at first. If I had not already paid in full, I probably would have changed...BUT...I can't really complain because besides the outdated rooms, my family had a great time. The sheets were clean, the water was hot, and it had a full kitchen which we all used everyday. Breakfast was always in the room ( besides the last day ) and lunch was too. Scott and I was treating and to be honest, paying for 6 adults and 2 children was expensive. But we did manage to stay in budget and made a ton of great memories...which is all that matters.  Really, its the first trip we ever did like this and it was a lovely time. 

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned each day for a new travel vlog popping up this week. I make these vlogs for us. I don't have to share them but I do because I know so many of you guys have become friends over the years.  And also I want our lives documented on this blog. You never know what could happen and at least with them on here...they will be safe and ever lasting. 

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