Just Thinkin'

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I just thought I would take a few minutes to sit down and actually write a blog post...not just post a video. :) Hope you enjoy being inside my head for a few minutes! Can you handle it!? 

It's been a long day of computer work and I didn't even get one comment or emailed answered. I could seriously spend a week from 8-8 for a week just doing desk and computer work and still not be caught up. It's insane. I'm not sure it will ever end. 

I think we should blow the shit out of Isis for what they did to James Foley along with all their other acts of terrorism. I also saw a post of them holding a sign up in front of the White House. Did you hear me? They were seriously showing us they are here. Maybe its time to totally close all our borders and start kicking people out. I know it sounds drastic but damn.. do you want them blowing your family up? 

My husband is seriously Mr. Social Coordinator. He's been arranging double dates for us and to be honest, it doesn't sound like a bunch of fun to me going out with people I don't know. But I need to give it a try to make him happy. 

Cooper is starting to feel better. We had him on 2 seizure meds which just kicked his butt and made it hard for him to even raise his head let alone walk up 2 flights of stairs. Tonight we just gave him one pill... so far so good. I am so nervous about him aging. I know he's a dog and I love cats, but he's a part of our family and I am worried about him. We all are. 

My daughter is light years ahead of the boys and she is only one year older. I know I am not suppose to compare them but its hard not to. Brittany and Jackson both are the best parts of me and I am so thankful they picked me to be their parents. But the boys need to catch up! 

Its kinda sad but we are serious tv people around here. We have every movie channel...buy on demand movies all the time....have Netflix and Hulu and we use redbox from time to time. We have got to get it under control a little better. Everyone likes something different. I like on demand. Scott likes Hulu and Jackson adores netflix. We are seriously a divided family. 

The Kabbalah Center is sending me a new package with more red string along with a few other items.  God knows I need it and maybe it only has power because I believe it does. Idk...I do plan on doing a video about it and will talk more about it in the near future but I truly feels like it helps in every aspect of my life. Thank you Kabbalah Center! 

Michael Brown's death has been all over the news. I am so tired of our kids dying. No weapons and six shots. Are you kidding me? I say lock his ass up and throw away the key. The key words are Not Armed. Its total bullshit. I don't care if he stole a million dollars...a non armed child citizen should not be shot in the streets of America by a cop. Its ridiculous. 

One of my friends sons wanted to blow out of going to college. She was super upset. What do you do when your teenager wants to take a year or two off? You threaten the shit out of them and that's exactly what she did. He has to enroll tomorrow or move out in 2 weeks. I have a feeling he will stay in college than leave moms house. Sometimes you have to take a stand. 

The new excitement of the new school year has wore off and we are only in day 3. Jackson is already tired of homework and tired of being there. Its going to be him next refusing college and guess what!? I will put his ass out too! :) I hope he has a great year regardless if he likes being there or not. 

I seriously need to go to the grocery store. I have put it off since coming home on vacation and just been trying to use up what we have around here instead of going. The boys hate it and I probably should go tomorrow. They think its abuse to not have all their favorite snacks! We'll see if I make it. 

I really wish my husband wasn't a Republican. Do you know that I registered him as a Independent last year? We could make such a difference if we were on the same side. I am not bipartisan and I am very political. It runs in my blood and I just wish I could get him to just come over to the other side. I will  never give up trying. Never. 

I miss The View. I normally eat breakfast watching while working on the computer. But its off till Sept 15. The new co hosts should be interesting. I personally would love to see CNN's Anchor Don Lemon would join up! I love watching him....maybe he guest co hosts sometime. See here I am making plans for The View like I am somebody! Ha! 

The cats are on a new diet and they hate it. I mean hate it. I like a little hungry cat gang running around the house and they are mean as hell. Walk away from a plate of food and they pounce on it like they are in the wild. The females are the worst. 

My phone has been acting kinda crazy since I dropped it on vacation. You have about a 50% chance of getting through right now so you might want to just email instead! I am hoping it will eventually dry out on its own. Its also cracked. Time to upgrade. 

My purse probably has a pound of sand in it from vacation....probably some shells too. Gotta get that mess cleaned up very soon. I hate it because I can't find anything yet I haven't cleaned it out. It needs to happen soon. 

My husband is upstairs beating on a tv right now. That's not a good sign. 

I ordered something off etsy and it hasn't arrived and its been weeks. I contacted the seller and she said wait a couple of days and if it doesn't come in, she will send another. Its the first time anything like this has happened from that site. I just hope she is telling me the truth and sent it. 

It feels like summer is over. It rained a lot today and felt like fall. School is back in session and the weather is changing. I kinda new inside that we would have a short summer and loner winter. I just knew it. I love fall though so I am just going to try to be positive about it!

I can't believe Jackson talked Scott into taking him to school everyday. It's almost 20 minutes one way. Yea.. I was just not happy about it and was going to put his butt on the bus. However, he managed to talk Scott into it! I still have to help on Wednesdays but I know Jackson is grateful he doesn't have to be up at 5:30 for a 6:15 bus. 

Guess what I found out today. Another set of Russians moved into the neighborhood. Young family...probably spies. No joke. I swear the Russians next door to me are spies. And you know they have a lot of women and just one man over there. What's up with that? Guess he's a happy man. 

I went to my nail salon on Monday when they were suppose to be open and they were closed. Sorry about their luck but I found another place where a very nice woman hooked me up....and its closer to the house. I have moved nail salons! 

Tomorrow I need to try to do more computer and desk work done. I also hope to get in a trip to the grocery store and record a haul. Plus I have a few loads of laundry that I got to get done. I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday. I will be back around tomorrow with another travel vlog and my Thankful Thursday Post! Stay tuned.