Helloooooo! From Myrtle Beach...

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Hello friends! I just wanted to take a few minutes while I have the time to say hello. We are still at Myrtle Beach however tonight is the last night before we head home and start a new school year. I love the ocean. I love everything about it and I hate the thought of leaving. I am ready to start house hunting and move but real life is waiting on us at home. This trip has really been nice for all the kids but really the little kids have made use of everything at this resort. It was the first time ever that Jackson has ever had this kind of trip where he doesn't have to be with us every minute and both boys have done great. No trouble...back on time... cute notes letting me know what is going on...dinner together every night and lights off at mid night. I have loved watching them have so much fun! I think everyone has made a ton of great memories so far and we are not going away easy. I am sure tonight will be filled with lots of entertainment, good food, and even better company. Tomorrow we are checking out and heading to the Aquarium before heading back. I wish all the little kids could be here but maybe next year we can plan another trip where all the kids can be here. I wasn't too crazy about the hotel we are in but I quickly realized no one cares about the room. We have hardly been in it and when we are....we are simply outside on the deck watching the waves crash into the shore. So I would probably stay here again even if the room wasn't exactly what I had hoped. I can't believe summer is almost over and school is starting back in a matter of hours. How crazy is that!? Anyway, we are heading down to the boardwalk and pavilion.

I can't wait...it should be an amazing night! I wish you all were here with us! Have a great weekend. I have another video popping up later tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by. We will be back home tomorrow. :( 

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