Friday Letters ♥

Friday, August 29, 2014

Dear God, Thanks for another long week. I am trying not to complain but it was a long long week and I am simply wore out. I need you to keep watching over all of us in the Jaggers family and bless us with as much patience and grace as you possibly can. 

Dear Brittany, I have no idea what you were complaining about last night because your pictures were great! I love and miss you. Keep doing good in school and try to keep your grades up. I don't think you realize how important good grades are for college. Soooooo...try hard princess! 

Dear Neighbor, thanks for waking me up early with mowing the grass. Sure loved that...NOT. Wait....aren't you suppose to be at work? 

Dear Laura, Sorry I haven't got those pictures together yet. I promise I will get to it this weekend! :) I had a great time with you at the beach....can't wait to see you guys again! 

Dear Cooper, I hate it that your meds make you so sleepy and drunk. I know you don't understand at all but we are trying to make you feel better because you are our favorite doggie! 

Dear Ear, Why in the hell are you hurting today. Great.

Dear Blog, I have missed you the past couple of days but I have been a mess here lately. I can't seem to stay on schedule, school hours are kicking my ass...getting dinner back to a early time is next to impossible and I just have lost time. It even seems the sun is setting sooner. But I love you blog.. and I will try to not forget about you anymore! 

Dear Mom, I haven't talked to you in a while. Hope all is you! We'll have to catch up sometime soon. 

Dear Jackson, I hope you are having a great day at school. You are seriously the cutest kid ever. I want you to keep doing good in school and I will work on getting your tablet fixed. 

Dear Trina, thank you for always being there not only for me but for us. You are a great listener and we love you so very much.  

Dear Fear & Anxiety, I will get over you and stop letting you consume me. I hold most of my own power but its hard when my body responds without my brain agreeing. day at a time right.

Dear Shanna, I know you are having one hell of a busy day. I hope you get it all done. I know you are going to be exhausted and walking around like a zombie! 

Dear Laci, Thanks for your good advice. I took it! I hope your having a wonderful day. 

Dear Scott, I love you. I really do. I want our relationship to be healthy and happy. I think after so many years together, we easily take each other for granted. We need to try to focus more on us and less on outside influences. 

Dear Romeo, Meowing outside the bedroom door late last night and this morning was not so nice. I guess it worked because I climbed out of bed to let you in. I have seriously never had a cat like you. Its like your a little furry person who reminds me of a monk being so laid back and loving. I also can't believe you like sleeping under the covers....guess all that fur isn't as warm as it looks. 

Dear Jordan, the next step is actually speaking on the phone I would love to talk to you and answer any and all questions you have. You are actually the oldest of my children and should be a example to all the little kids. Come on and stop wasting precious time. 

Dear Social Media Friends, I am worried about many of you because I see over and over drug pictures being posted, booty pictures of young kids, etc. You know what I am talking about. I hope most of you remember if you have kids, you are simply giving out ammunition to have them taken away. Drug habits should not be displayed on social media. Am I in favor of legalizing marijuana?? You bet I am...but you won't see pictures of me hitting a bong. Come on friends...stop with this before your families are torn apart. Once its out there...its there forever. Say it, forget it....write it, regret it. And take it from someone who learned that lesson the good old hard way. 

Dear Draft Day Movie, You were pretty damn interesting to watch last night. I liked the movie better than I thought. I wonder why it is that I like sports movie but not actually sports??? Maybe its the good music and great action shots...idk but I really enjoyed the movie! 

Dear Danielle, I am sorry I haven't emailed back yet. Lots to catch you up on....but I am really happy the earthquake didn't impact you. I want a map with a star where you are on the west coast so I don't have to worry every time I hear something on the news. I love you dear girl.. and we need to keep each other in the loop more! :) Promise to email back tonight or tomorrow.

Dear Friday, today you are suppose to be filled with errands and things to do.I haven't even started yet. What is going on with me???? I will try to make you as productive as I can. 

Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, as you can tell I am totally off schedule. I will try to catch up little by little. I have some videos that should be popping up later today and this weekend. Stay tuned for those. I hope you had a wonderful week and a even better weekend. :) I'll be back soon.

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