Friday * Letter

Friday, August 8, 2014

Dear God, Family, Friends, and Others. 

This past week has been kinda a mix of good and bad. I am thankful for God bringing me through it all but I am quickly running out of energy. We have had a few medical problems with me being sick, Scott not feeling good and even our Golden Retriever not feeling good. Plus we are trying to get the boys back in school which means lots of appointments and back to school shopping. It also means packaging up boxes to send off to Zane and also Brittany. Scott and I have had a few challenges this week with are never fun but my sister and my best friend has been total life savers. Both of them are such good listeners and always give me a new fresh perspective. I have also had some light bulb moments such as figuring out I am vindictive. I would never use that word to describe myself ever but my inner circle all seem to have to come to that conclusion. I guess I am just more gangster than what I want to admit. I am a liberal but I like an eye for an eye. I guess that's just the way God made me and I accept it....take note. I have been running around like a mad woman the last few days and time has flew by. I am suppose to be at the mall right now but I had to take Super Cooper to a 11:30 Vet appointment for seizures. We were there for a hour and a half and he had a very full physical... update on shots...blood 3 new meds...and going on new food. I'm really worried about him. Now we are back home and I am taking a break before heading out to go school shopping. And we have to add another stop for that special human grade food for Cooper. Its going to be a long day. And tomorrow morning the cleaning lady and her team are coming and going to clean the house from top to bottom. God knows I am grateful for that but I still have to clean up a little before she comes. Its been super busy around here and I  need a break. I wasn't so excited at first about our upcoming Myrtle Beach trip but last night we booked our rooms for the resort and I am looking forward to a few days of fun in the sun. Maybe its much needed but I still have a lot to do before we leave this Thursday. Just explaining Cooper's new meds is going to take forever! I am so thankful for all the kind emails I receive from you guys. Most days, I get in a couple emails and facebook messages that truly touch my heart. I know I am not a huge blogger with tons and tons of followers or huge on youtube but the people who do follow me.. and share not only my life but yours too through those emails, show me I have the best subscribers ever. Thank you so much. Things are a bit slow right now with my videos and blog posts but I will be around in between errands and such! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day. I'll see you soon! 

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