Erin Condren GiVeAwAy WiNnErS & Kisha Check's IN | VIDEO |

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. I am back ( late I know ) with the winners to the Erin Condren Giveaway! Rafflecopter picked the winners which wen live on the blog post around 1am this morning. Thank you to everyone that entered. I wish I could just give you ALL life planners but this time only two of you guys could win. But don't get upset.. you can still get $10 off your order by clicking here and placing your order. I highly suggest if you have a busy life, save up if need be and order yourself one of these life planners. It really does well to organize every aspect of my life and both... my blog and youtube channels. So if you use it just for your should work just as well if not better. To be very honest, I feel like I really have it set up well for my life. I plan on showing you how its set up soon but first I am going to do a video in a few weeks showing you my supplies and showing how I decorate it. Then I will do another video a little further down the road showing you how I have it set up. I just want to do it in the right order! These are amazing planners and you won't be disappointed if you get one. I promise! Also in this video, I am kinda doing a check in letting you know a few things going on around here and some upcoming videos and such. So without further ado....HERE ARE THE WINNERS! 

Thanks so much for entering. I love you guys.. stay tuned for more giveaways coming up very soon! 

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