Weekly Food Shopping Haul | VIDEO |

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. I am back with this weeks food/household haul. I have to admit, with a kid free summer our grocery budget has really went down. Scott and I just don't eat that much and just last week we ate 3 of our dinners out. I am totally able to push meals into the next week by simply freezing the meat items when I get home. I can't tell you how helpful this is. Its not always easy to remember to lay something out to thaw but its much better than tossing your fresh meats in your frig and not getting to them before they go bad. No matter when I plan on a having a certain dinner, if its not for that particular night, its goes in the freezer! If you want to see what we got for this week, a maybe even get some menu ideas, enjoy the video below! 

Thanks so much for watching! I hope you have a beautiful night...I will be back tomorrow afternoon with a video showing how I make our homemade laundry soap! I have already done a blog post over 3 years ago and I think its time to do a updated video! Stay tuned.

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