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Saturday, July 19, 2014
Untitled | via TumblrGood Afternoon Friends! I hope you are enjoying the start to this beautiful Saturday! We have been getting a lot of rain. It's not going to slow down anytime soon because the forecast for our area here in SC is rain......for 10 days we have at least 50% chance and other days it's even higher. I loooove the rain but 10 days might be a little much. At least I won't have to worry about watering the outside plants! Here lately my Saturday blog posts is just random thoughts bouncing around my head....and today is no different! Hope you enjoy. And... btw, you can always share how your day is going too. I love hearing from you guys! 

I woke up today with a call from my sister in law Trina. Her daughter ( our niece ) is in labor with her first baby! She just got the epidural and has been dozing on and off during contractions but in the next couple hours we will have a new little soul join our family. I can't wait to meet him. Please keep her and the baby in your prayers. We just want them both to to be healthy and happy! I'll post some pictures maybe tomorrow!  

I was up really late last night. I got all the videos on my main youtube channel organized. I had tons of playlists and the videos were all in the wrong categories so I deleted every playlist I had and started over. It was a lot of work but hopefully you guys will finally be able to find the videos easier now. Sorry it took so long! 

All the animals around here - cats and 1 big ass dog - needs baths. I am thinking that since its a rainy day, I will just get with it and do it. I really don't want to but I know they need it. I will leave Cooper for Scott because giving him a bath is like a workout. If they knew what I was thinking, they would all be hiding. I will have to gather them all up at first and put them in the bathroom because once they see 1 cat is getting bathed, they know. 

I am not sure if I am going to the grocery store today or tomorrow. Scott is suppose to play golf tomorrow if it's not raining too hard so I might just wait. I still need to finish my list but going shopping in the rain just doesn't sound like a fun plan to me. Not at all. I was going to the post office box too but that is on hold for right now. 

I have been trying to figure out my next Erin Condren order. I could seriously just take one of everything on her website. I have been totally loving the 2014-2015 life planner. I have a giveaway going on right now, just click here if you haven't gotten entered yet! The winners will be announced on August 1st right here on this blog! Towards the end of September/beginning of October I will have a update video with yet another giveaway. I can't believe how many of you guys have entered....it just goes to show you, we all love her planners! So I will just do another and give more away. :) 

My horoscope on many different websites today say  I need to really practice patience. That today I will probably be misunderstood and patience is the way through it all. Great....I didn't know I was probably going to have a bad day till I read that crap. Ha! I'm already loosing my patience! I think today will be what I make it which so far hasn't been much. This weekends vlog is going to be pretty boring! Who knows...maybe we will end up doing something tonight. 

I think I am about to go put acrylic nails back on. Idk? I always think my nails look horrible and I just don't want to worry about it. I wore them for so long that now the all natural look is not so nice. I just hate wasting precious time in the nail salon but maybe its just worth it. If my hands were not in so many pictures and videos I might care less but they are nothing to show off. Yea. probably fixing that problem soon. 

My ex husband played a joke on me. He sent me some pictures of Jackson all bruised up and told me his sister did it. I couldn't dial her number fast enough. I was really ready to give her a piece of my mind when she told me the fell out of a tree he was climbing. The guys got a big laugh out of it. :) I'm just happy she didn't do it. And I am thankful he is ok. 
I still can't believe that Malaysian plane was shot down. I feel so bad for those families and the families of the other missing plane. Russia is behind it and I really think some how Putin needs to just be removed. Call it what you will, but he is a maniac and stepping way over the line. It so sad. Too much power, too much ego for such a little piece of shit. Can't we just blow him to pieces? 

I hate to say this but I am actually kinda chilly right now. I guess the rain is cooling it off but today could totally be a long sleeve day. It feels more like fall than it does summer. Maybe we should have something warm and comforting for dinner tonight. Hummmmmm. Menu change up! 
I went to turn on my tv last night in the bedroom and it wouldn't work. Those wires that come from the cable box to the tv - you know the red, white and yellow plugin things - were out. I went to put them back in and noticed that the prongs were broke off in the little holes. WTF? I went and stole Scott's cords - he was sleeping - and plugged them into the front auxiliary. It worked. I had no idea how it happened being the tv is up against a wall. Then I saw what really happened. The cats got back there and started fighting after I put in the 2nd wires. Now I know. Thanks kitty cats. 

I am updating the organization in my bathroom and sure need to go get a few items. We will be zone cleaning it soon and I just want to give it a little update.  Again I was going today but guess what? Its raining even harder right now. This is sure turning into a big lazy weekend. Finding my motivation with this weather is next to impossible. 

Here's my short to do list for the rest of today and what I don't get done, I will finish tomorrow:

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day. I will be back in a while with a new What's Cookin' video that has over 10 different dinner menu ideas. A lot of my subscribers really like these videos because I don't just doing a boring video showing what we ate. A lot of times I also include food prep and actually making the meal. Stay tuned for that to come up this evening sometime! I have to get my butt up and get a few things things checked off that list! Thanks for stopping by! If you care to share, leave me a comment and let me know what is going on in your neck of the woods! :) Happy Saturday! 

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