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Monday, July 21, 2014
Hello friends! I hope your having a great Monday. We have more rain and I actually think we have had rain for 5 straight days. I don't really mind it but from the look of the forecast, we still have an additional 5 more days before it dries up. Anyway, normally every Monday or at the beginning of the week, I post a week in review recapping what happened around here during the week and over the weekend. Its something I have done for years and its just a very simple way to give you a peek at how our previous week went...hope you enjoy!

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This past week:

So as I just mentioned, it basically has rained every day for the past 5 days. A few days last week, the rain just took all my motivation away and I simply just enjoyed some afternoon naps. Most of the time I do just fine when its rainy and grey but after so many days, it does start to wear you down a little bit! In between thunderstorms we did manage to heat up the grill and finally make our beer can chicken. Boy, it was soooo good. Then the next day, guess what!? It rained again on Tuesday which just wasn't good for all the items I needed to get checked off on my to do list. It was a lazy day and even a lazier night with Scott taking me out to dinner. We had a couple cocktails and dinner then came right back home and slept really good to the sound of the rain.

Though out the middle of the week, I got some new planner supplies including a new Dymo Label Maker and some new washi tape. Who doesn't love planner supplies!? I spend a lot of time in my life planner trying to keep track of the all the things going on in our lives. I use my life planner as a blog and youtube planner along with my regular life activities. Everything now is in one book and its so easy to use. I hear a lot from you guys that sometimes you start a new planner, but never keep up with it. Making calender time is so important and you just have to make the time to write down all the important dates. For me using washi tape, stickers and other items just make it more fun to use. When you take the time to decorate and design it...I find its easier to use. So if you are struggling to keep up with your planner, try decorating it up and always always take 5 or 10 minutes a day and try to put in your appointments and to do lists. I'll have a video up in the near future showing you how I decorate it and how I use it with a lot of tips. just stay tuned! Also you still have till the 31st tog get entered in my giveaway to try to win your own Erin Condren Life Planner. Just click here and get entered! 

Towards the end of the week, we all know about the Malaysian Airlines crash that happened. I swear I think that airline is cursed and I wouldn't fly on it to save my life. No way. I feel so bad for all the families who have lost someone in that crash. And not to mention, you know all the other family and friends from the missing Malaysian flight are probably reliving everything now because yet another plane from the same airline went down. Its just inexcusable and I think Putin is to blame for it. I wish our world was a nice place....I really do. 

I also got in my new party pack from chatterbox. Chatterbox is a extension of houseparty.com that gives you products to try and test and even have parities with. We got in a kibbles and bits party pack and Cooper sure loved his new toys and even his new dog food. Its a great program and I apply for parities all the time and get approved a lot!

Friday night dinner was simply Dominos! I love ordering from them and it was so very nice not to cook. I am in the kitchen a lot and make a ton of meals for my family but we all need days off. And we actually account some of our grocery budget towards eating out. And it was sooooo yummy! Saturday our niece finally had her baby! Everything went well and both are doing good. I was sad we couldn't be there with her but that didn't stop us from enjoying the excitement of a new family member arriving. Thank goodness for phones! Later in the evening we went out and while we were running around, we just grabbed some quick food which worked out just fine. We did a lot of driving and by time we got home, we were both grumpy and exhausted. But it was ok.. we went to bed and woke up Sunday feeling much better. Scott went in between the rain storms and hit some balls at the golf course while I shopped. I was so happy when the evening fell upon us and we were able to relax. I finally used some of the new love shampoo and conditioner that came in one of my subscription boxes and I must say, I like it a lot. :) Stay tuned for that review when I get that video done! The rest of the night, I relaxed in bed until I finally drifted off to sleep and woke up today feeling good! :) I have to admit, I don't deal with a lot of the problems and challenges many of you do. I don't work outside the house so I do have things easier. I seriously bow down to all the hard working women and men out there who still have to come home and take care of the kids and house. I never really want to sound like I am complaining because I know so many of you do what I do and even more and not complain about it. I do feel like youtube and my blog are jobs but I am lucky and can do those things from the comfort of my own home. For you guys who are maybe battling the rain as I am today, or waking up super early to get the kids to daycare and then off to work, I seriously admire you.

If you want to see more about our week, enjoy the vlog!

  • Finish organizing the master bath and record. 
  • Cancel upcoming Dr. appointment
  • Still need to try to work on my new blog signature. 
  • Get laundry done and fold the basket of clothes that have been waiting on me for days to do. 
  • Get Jackson's room cleaned up before he comes home on the 3rd
  • Set oven on self clean and let it do it's thing. 
  • Still need to make a batch of homemade cleaners and laundry soap.
  • Get weekly cleaning done...today.
  • Take a couple more afternoon naps! :) 
  • Still need to get makeup boxes together and mail out. A job I have just not done yet...and keep putting off. 
  • Send out thank you letters. 
  • Work on holiday schedule...which my mom has been on me to do for weeks. 
  • Check all the voicemails on my phone....a job I always put off. 

Here's some inspiration to take along with you through the week! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week! If you feel like sharing how your week or weekend went, I would love to hear from you! Stay tuned for our weekly food shopping haul that will be up later today. 

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