Wednesday Hodgepodge!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy Wednesday Friends! Time for another Wednesday Hodgepodge with Joyce from over at From This Side of the Pond ....this is always such a fun linkup.. join in anytime! Hope you enjoy. 

1. July is National Anti-Boredom Month. When was the last time you were bored? What's your go-to cure for boredom? 

I don't normally get too bored. I basically work from home along with being a wife and mother which keeps me pretty busy. There have been days though when I was just too lazy to do anything and complained I was bored but in reality I had plenty I could do. My go to boredom cure would have to be sunshine. Get outside if you can and get some fresh air. Play with the dog, take a walk, enjoy a picnic and just take in all the beautiful nature. 

2. What's the last thing you made a reservation for?

The last time I can remember is making a reservation at a Japanese Steak House. Here lately other people have been helping out to make my plans. My sister helped out over Easter and Scott is planning away making all the reservations for our August beach trip. 

3. What's one thing on your summer 'bucket list'? Any plans to make it happen?

I listed my summer bucket list right here and have been working hard on crossing things off. I think the next thing off my summer bucket list will be either a trip to the zoo or a nice picnic out. Also on my bucket list is finding our new Afghan Hound puppy that will soon be joining our family. I was working on that just yesterday! 

4. What's your favorite summertime sip?

I love a good watermelon Spritzer/ Cooler. I haven't done a recipe for this one yet but I will have it up soon! Also flavored water with watermelon and mint are delicious. 

5. What do you find is the best way to handle another person's hostility and hopefully ease the tension?

I am not the best to answer this question. I don't do well when some is acting hostility towards me. Really we should be compassionate and understanding but learning to do that takes time and experience. Normally emotions take over and I respond poorly back. Its something that I am working on. I can't wait to see how the other hodgepodgers answer this question. I could use some tips for myself!

6. Your favorite film set in summer?

I tried to think of a movie that had summer in it that I really loved and Cast Away keeping popping into my head. And that sure is tropical so it will work! I love Marie Antoinette which takes place in every season too! 

7. What word are you using too much lately?

No.  I don't like to do much out of my comfort zone so I normally use " no " wayyyy to much. I am trying though to say yes more and try new things. I actually heard a long time ago when anyone tells you no they are actually trying to control you. Actually, I am trying to control myself but I can see how it might seem that way in the moment.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Wednesday is starting with an early morning appointment which is never fun. Scott is home with me today so we will be spending time together and try to enjoy the beautiful South Carolina day. No big might end up being one hell of a lazy day after we get done running around. I plan on making some delicious Lobster Rolls - a perfect adult summer dinner! Also in case you don't know I am hosting a giveaway for a beautiful Erin Condren Life Planner. You can click right here for all details but 2 of you guys will be winners so get entered for your chance! This is such a fun giveaway because I guess everyone loves planners as much as I do.I am actually working on possibly adding more winners than just 2 because so many people have entered! We'll see! Good Luck to all of you! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Wednesday! 

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